And now for something completely different… The Red Violin

I do not ordinarily write here about movies, since there aren’t many I consider relevant, but this one fits the nature of this blog so well, I finally broke down and decided to include it, in the hopes that lovers of the occult, tarot, mysteries, horror, and diabolical plot twists will love The Red Violin as much as I do.

This is simply one of the most amazing movies, plots, stories, I have ever seen. It’s entirely unique in terms of its subject matter. It is not likely to be a movie you’ve ever heard of, but if you are at all interested in mysteries, music, the esoteric, and world history and politics, you will love it.

It’s a story for connoisseurs and the jaded, because it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and you haven’t either, trust me. Samuel L. Jackson stars, and although the rest of the cast is made up of relative unknowns, Greta Scaachi is in it, and the acting in general is exemplary.

It begins in Renaissance Italy, with the creation of one special red violin, and continues on throughout history to trace the steps of who inherits the violin, the countries it finds its way to, and how it is ultimately preserved by an antiquities’ collector.

Now, on the surface, this all sounds tedious, doesn’t it? But there is an important plot device in this story that is not something I can tell you about, otherwise it would spoil it for you; you must see the movie to appreciate the diabolical twist ending.

In Renaissance Italy, a violin maker and his wife are about to have a baby. The woman goes to her servant, a soothsayer, to have her future read in the tarot cards. The old woman does so, telling the pregnant woman what to expect, and how her future will develop.

It is a frightening reading, and the younger woman is scared. Soon, she has her baby, but dies in childbirth. Her husband dedicates a special violin to his dead wife. The violin is a masterpiece, and passes through many hands over the course of time, making its way from Italy, to Vienna, to Oxford, and on to Shanghai. Eventually it is put up for auction, and that’s where Samuel L. Jackson comes in, as the collector who risks everything to own it.

What happens to the violin, why it is so extraordinary, and the secret of its creation, encompasses the mystery that is this violin. The people who own the violin, who it is handed down to, and its final resting place, are how the mystery unfolds. It is an extraordinary movie, unlike anything I’ve ever seen; it has become one of my very favorites, if not my favorite movie.

It intertwines so many different motifs, and creates such an extraordinary story, I hope you’ll watch it, and like it as much as I do. But a warning; it’s not for the faint of heart. It has an element of horror to it that makes the story dark and compelling. Is it about the intense love one man has for his wife, or is it about the inherent beauty and power of a musical instrument? Watch this and decide for yourself.

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