Someone you’ve no doubt never heard of: Jess Stearn

Jess Stearn, Journalist and Skeptic

Jess Stearn was a journalist, not an astrologer, and I mention him because his book A Time for Astrology was one of the first modern books I read about astrology (around the same time that Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs came out, as a matter of fact).

Prior to that, I read books that seem somewhat bizarre to me now, like John Dee’s book of magic and other pre-Modern era writings about astrolabes and astronomers to the various courts of the world. Anyway, Jess Stearn lived in Los Angeles and, like a good journalist, came to the study of astrology with an open mind; but he was, nonetheless, skeptical.

He wanted, not necessarily to disprove astrology, as much as to find out what it was all about and find out if it “worked” and was real, or if it was one of the witch doctor hoodoo nonsense arts that were becoming all the rage in SoCal in those days.

He finally determined, after years of interviewing astrologers, finding out about his own chart, and talking with astrologers’ clients, that there really was something to astrology. He was also no dope, and was a very intelligent, sensitive, and perspicacious man. If he were alive today, I would want to meet him, since I read and re-read his book when I was a teenager; I found what he had to say about his quest to discover the ‘truth’ about astrology absolutely fascinating. I pored over that book for hours.

JESS STEARN: Nominated by Marc Penfield, Jess Stern was a journalist rather than an astrologer. He nonetheless played a role in widening public interest in astrology during the 1970s. Writing his best-selling book, Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet spurred his interest in spirituality, and he wrote a number of best-sellers on metaphysical topics. A Time for Astrology was devoted to our field, and he also featured astrologer Marcia Moore in Yoga, Youth, and Reincarnation. In all, he wrote around 30 books on the occult.

His AstroDatabank record shows the following birth information, rated A, which he gave to Lois Rodden in 1973 from his memory: he was born April 26, 1914, at 12:00 PM EST, in Syracuse, NY, 43N03; 76W09. According to the Malibu Times, he died of congestive heart failure at age 87 on March 27, 2002, at his home in Malibu, CA. Several obituaries quoted a speech he gave to Cayce’s A.R.E. in 1990: “Death is just a comma in the book of life.”

I feel it’s time he was given recognition by astrologers for doing some honest work that actually furthers the cause of astrology, in spite of his own personal skepticism. That’s a rare quality to find when it comes to the study of astrology. There are times when I more than feel like a pariah for being interested in something aligned with devil worship, and it’s always nice to find someone on the planet with an open mind.

Here’s another book written by Jess Stearn, who really was in search of answers to the questions we continue to ask about the soul, who we are, and where we come from (and where are we going?).

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