Are you evolving? I keep wondering if I am…

Chiron rules the 3rd eye in the astrological evolutionary system

The promise of spiritual enlightenment, as expressed through astrology, is that one will evolve as transits transform you, working their magic.

You’re supposed to be learning something from all that pain, or so goes the logic of transformational astrology.

This belief would seem to be based on something we’ve questioned before in this blog—the notion that humanity is always making progress, that we are moving, collectively, towards something better.

This is what I have come to call the ‘progressivist’ notion of the metaphysical Point Of It All.

Some think we are working away from a perfect past towards the apocalyptic chaos of oblivion (I tend to fall in that camp, I admit, but mostly when I’m in a bad mood).

Others believe we are always making progress towards something better (conversely and/or perversely, I tend to fall in this camp only when I’m in a good mood).

So today’s question is, are we, in fact, evolving on a personal and collective level, and if so, can that be seen astrologically? Barbara Hand Clow, who is, I’m sure, a wonderful person, has this statement on her website:

This image of the Planetary Energies in the Chakras is a chirotic image of the transformed human, who uses the power of the major life transits to evolve. Chiron rules the third-eye chakra, which gives us spiritual sight by guiding our initiations. Since healing ourselves ultimately is a community dynamic, the three great life transitions–Saturn return, Uranus opposition, and Chiron return–transform each one of us within the collective. The personal awakening of each individual is essential, and Chiron’s sighting in 1977 heralded our collective awakening through the transformation of each individual.

Okay, here’s the thing. She’s also channeling information from the Pleiadians, so… that kind of makes anything she says a trifle suspicious in my book. However, the fundamental principle, that we can all gain access to spiritual insight from the things that happen to us as we live our lives is a sound enough theory.

Another ‘however’ must follow here: what of this ‘collective awakening’ in 1977? I think we have to be very cautious about buying into the ahistorical belief that because we live in a time when people are constructing a space station, that necessarily means we are more evolved than those who came before us. I think a lot depends on what we mean by ‘evolved.’

Also, what is a “transformed human”? Is a transformed human better than you and me? Probably. So right there, I’m irritated. I doubt that I have attained that level of transformation Barbara Hand Clow is referring to, so I am going to have to do a lot more work to get my chakras aligned and start thinking evolutionarily.

I think that means that I have to become a ‘better’ person, but what if it’s too late, and now all this worry over getting a job and ending the pain I’m in due to arthritis is my raison d’etre, and my quest for spiritual attainment will have to take a backseat to practical reality?

Isn’t this the essence of the tension expressed in the relationship between material reality and spirituality? Isn’t this why it’s so hard to attain enlightenment in the first place, because most of the world is scrabbling so hard just to make it through each day, that they forget to take care of their immortal souls?

Back to Chiron and the 3rd eye, and using the power of transits to transform. I guess the real question I have is, are people getting the most out of their transits?

Are we truly evolving as we undergo these transits, or are we just living our lives, feeling the pain we experience, and moving on?

Are we actually learning anything from all of this pain and ‘personal awakening,’ or are we being (collectively) left in the dark? How can you tell? T

his is the problem I have with the notion of evolution and enlightenment; that someone gets to decide and judge who is evolved and who isn’t. But how do we know? How does the person who is making this decision become the arbiter? Because someone said they could be?

I always prefer to question those in authority, since authority figures so frequently misuse and abuse their power. So when someone asks you if you’re evolved, tell them you don’t know for sure. It’s an elitist question anyway, because only someone who has decided they are evolved feels qualified to judge you, and who wants someone who communes with the people from the Pleiades deciding whether you’re evolved or not?

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