Astrology and the healing power of rocks and minerals

Avebury’s standing stones are so cool, I really hope you get to visit someday, if you haven’t already

As a species, we have never lost the need to feel connected to the natural world.

We can do this through what amounts to animism, where we find our ‘animal totem,’ but we also do this by imbuing rocks and crystals with intention and an ability to provide some kind of healing energy.

I remember touching the massive but dead Stonehenge bluestones and feeling nothing, then touching the standing stones at Avebury and knowing within my bones that they emitted some form of energy—I could absolutely feel it, and I’m really, truly skeptical about this stuff, since it doesn’t matter to me whether these things are true or not. I’m happy noodling around my house, making soup. In fact, if there’s one thing I believe in, it’s eating regularly. But I digress.

Massive and massively interesting historically, there’s no life left in these stones IMHO

My subject is medical astrology, and what it looks like nowadays. (I have to type things like that out, otherwise I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be doing.)

What I’ve learned by researching on the internets and by living life and noticing what others do, is that medical astrology is alive and well, oh ye scientists who keep wanting to squelch belief in something you can’t prove via an experiment.

These days, most people who are into medical astrology do not also cut up human cadavers to see whether the humours really are black or yellow, thank g/God. Instead, what they do is get themselves some healing stones, or stones they think will provide healing energy (you see these a lot at metaphysical shops, where they are very popular).

It’s important to keep in mind that these stones have an ancient history (you knew the Greeks would come in here at some point, didn’t you?). Those who believe in the power of these stones to heal are not just making this stuff up out of Whole Cloth. No. There is a lineage to their beliefs.

For example, take a recent blog entry about medical astrology on the subject of Bloodstone. Here is the ancient history the author has been kind enough to provide us:

Historically, in the Middle Ages it was believed the gem could make you invisible.  And, if you pressed a Bloodstone on a bleeding wound, it would stop it from bleeding.  Greek athletes wore it because it gifted them with extra endurance in their sport to win. And going along with that idea, Bloodstone is said to oxygenate the blood to its fullest, thereby lending more endurance. 

Many believed that if you wore Bloodstone, the knowledge of the ages would be downloaded into you.  In general, Bloodstone has always been a gemstone that aided strength and power of the physical body.  Wear the stone and you had more energy, more vitality and endurance to do what needed to be done.

Bloodstone was seen as a diplomat when it came to friends splitting up.  It was believed to have helped to heal such rifts.  Along that same line, it also revitalized romance between couples and dissolved negativity in any relationship.  Some wore it to help them improve and increase their intellectual capabilities.  

In high stress environments, Bloodstone gave courage to the wearer.  It also protected the person from their own destructive  patterns and behaviors.  Bloodstone has also been called the “Stone of Courage” and gives the wearer the fortitude to stand and fight.

To this day in India, Bloodstone is ground into a powder and drunk, in the belief that it is an aphrodisiac (I don’t recommend doing this, by the way).  Bloodstone has always had an affinity for red blood cells in the body.

Because it is said to fully oxygenate a red blood cell, it could help those who had such blood related difficulties.  For women, it eases menstrual pain and slows the flow.  And, today, it is used to clear and cleanse the aura of positive ions that are like “dust bunnies” to our energy fields.

One of the most interesting facts about Bloodstone is that it is highly sensitive to heat.  That means, if you wear it, you are ‘exciting’ the energy of this gemstone and it’s going to start sending out its energy into your aura quite rapidly.  Not all gemstones do this to this extent.  The Quartz Family, in general is highly sensitive to body heat but Bloodstone is far more reactive.  That means that it ‘radiates’ out its energy even faster and more intensely.

During Babylonian times, engraved Bloodstone was used as a divination device.  The Egyptians utilized it as part of their magic to defeat their enemies by becoming invisible.  The Leyden Papyrus said, “The world has no greater thing than bloodstone.”  Today, it is seen as the Mother Goddess stone and is associated with the Black Madonna, as well as Isis and Horus.

It’s hard to argue with this kind of historical pedigree. Further, she tells us the astrology of the Bloodstone:

Bloodstone has two rulers:  Mars and Pluto.  And I’ve assigned it to Scorpio.  The reasons are below.  This is a Pluto ruled gemstone.  Mars, the first ruler of Scorpio (and later, Pluto was given rulership over this zodiac sign)  rules the red blood cells of the body, so this is a perfect fit. Given Bloodstone’s vaunted energy and vitality it gives to the wearer, only Mars will do here. 

Our ‘engine’, which is our daily physical energy, depends upon Mars in our natal chart.  With the “drops” of red blood on the dark green gemstone, Mars is the only one that can be selected.  But on a deeper, Plutonian level, this gemstone is about our DNA; our heritage from a family long past that we didn’t even know.  And our family DNA is with us whether we realize it or not. 

For those who look at our family tree, the information can be monumental and important.  Why? Because we can look at our past family members and see patterns of behavior and perspective setting up.  What they were, we may be.  And to borrow from a history saying, “What we forget we are doomed to repeat.”

Here is an important caveat about who should wear Bloodstone, and why you should not stop taking the medicine your scientifically-trained doctor prescribes for you:

Bloodstone is not to be worn in lieu of any medical drugs or directions by your physician.  As with all gemstones, they are background supporters and cheerleaders [ed. note: I just like the way that sounds; it makes gemstones sound so cheerful, doesn’t it?]. Worn together, the person should have more energy than they did before.  People who are exhausted, stressed out and tired, should consider Bloodstone. 

Those who are ungrounded, spacy and out of their body should wear this stone all the time.  Anyone who is suffering from a loss of confidence should wear this beautiful stone.  You can get confidence IF you are grounded and grounding is one of this gemstone’s many skills.  This is a stone about the family’s past, its history and how it is affecting you.  Anyone with an unhappy childhood might want to wear this healing gemstone.

If you research almost any gemstone, you will see that at one time or another, some civilization (most often the Greeks and Egyptians) carved them and used them as magical and protective stones and amulets. Magic and astrology have long been intertwined, although we don’t generally think about that connection as much as we once did. 

Egyptian carved lapis scarab beetle, one of the most common protective amulets

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