The 1st house: To be, or not to be, that is the question

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet: Act 1, Sc. 5

If the 12th house is a watery house, filled with deep insecurities, nameless fears and dreads, and potential for hidden strengths that require one’s lifetime to bring to fruition, the 1st lies in sharp contrast in its focus on the immediate expression of obvious potential. This is the house that forces us to ask ourselves, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? And when I am for myself, what am ‘I’?”

The first house is a fire house, traditionally ‘ruled’ by Aries, a forceful, head-butting sign little disposed to asking for permission. Mars here will do what it will, for will is what runs this house. I will to will thy will becomes a mantra only for the most conscious 1st house person, who grows over time to understand that getting what you want isn’t as satisfying as making sure that others are taken care of. Learning how to control and discipline the will becomes the highest-order principle of this house, but first we must find out what else we have to offer others by finding out what it is we’re made of.

The first is the house of me-first self-interest, but let’s not be simplistic now that we’re engaged on a walkabout here in the “first” of the houses. The 1st house has the inordinately difficult task of living out the “I” we must all discover as we go through life. If the chart were comprised of Tarot cards symbolising the self’s journey, this would be the Fool’s house, and the Fool in the Tarot is not a narcissist. If anything, the Fool is an innocent, and innocents are self-absorbed. They can’t help it; or perhaps I should say, “we” can’t help being self-absorbed.

Planets here tell me what it is you’re self-absorbed about, but again, that’s too simplistic. It’s a terrible temptation to be simplistic when it comes to the 1st house, because it’s easy to say “just be,” and much harder to actually do. How easy is it to understand one’s persona, for example? Are we the sum total of everything others think they see in us, or are we one unified ‘self,’ coherent, always ourselves no matter what? If we are shaped by forces outside ourselves, as we shape others, does Pluto in the first mean we were born with a strong, dominant, yet subtle and potentially manipulative personality, or did we learn how to be like that?

Were we born confused about relationships, charming, yet diffuse, if we’ve got Neptune in the 1st? Are we always children born to rejecting parents with Saturn in the 1st? If Moon is posited in the 1st, are we always more sensitive, introverted, and moody in our outward behavior, or is the 1st house a mask we wear, as has been suggested by many astrologers? If it is a mask, that implies we can take it off, yet we can’t do that with any other house; why should this house be any different?

Instead, I believe the 1st house is our doorway into the chart, and ultimately, into our lives. A planet here tells me how you cope with each new experience, since the ascendent represents the horizon at the moment of birth, and as the ‘clock’ of your chart shifts, the initial moments of life are to be found in the 1st. If the astrological chart is a time-keeper, the 1st house indicates the earliest moments of life, but it also symbolises how you will experience everything new now that you’ve been here awhile. If you are the Fool and the chart represents your journey, this house is the first step you take off the ledge—what kind of first step will you take?

With the Sun here, your first step will possibly be bold, daring, unashamed (but only if the Sun is well-aspected). The Sun here reinforces the fire imagery of the 1st house, so try not to incarnate with an airy, watery or earthy sun, because you just mess up the energy. The Sun here has no choice but to express itself, but then, the lifetime’s journey becomes one of defining one’s self, not the easiest task in the world. If you compare what it’s like to have Sun in the 7th, where self-definition is dependent on the Other, then self-definition with Sun in the 1st means no other can be allowed to obscure the view.

The task of the 1st is To Be. A heavily-loaded 1st house is typical for driven people, people who feel they are on a mission, who must simply act. Much of how this works out depends on the nature of the ascendent plus whatever signs might also be included in the 1st house (intercepted houses, for example). A chart with a Mercury/Virgo/Gemini theme will incline the native toward a much more obviously Mercurial expression of self. The native might be a writer, an obvious ‘Mercury’-type profession, but the point of this house is that you can rather easily identify the person ‘as’ something. For those with Neptune here, of course, that might become more problematic; the native might spend their entire lifetime projecting their personality onto others, all the while ‘confused’ about who they ‘are,’ when in fact, they are rather obviously Neptunian.

The goal for the person with 1st house planets might not seem simple to them; after all, they are on the inside, looking out, but to us, it’s pretty obvious that what they’re here to do is to ‘be’ themselves. “But,” you wonder, “aren’t we all here to ‘be’ ourselves?” And the answer is, yes, of course we are, but the process of self-definition, of knowing who we are, doesn’t become the focus of a lifetime with other houses. The focus of your lifetime will be determined by which houses are most heavily tenanted. Most people have planets spread out across quadrants of the chart; fewer have a focus in one quadrant. The 1st house focus will compel the native to live out their very own path, and yet you’ll frequently find the 1st house person fighting to be themselves and to remain free of others’ definitions, even as they are swayed by others’ ideas of who they might be.

This is not unlike Aquarius’ journey, but independence and freedom are intellectual concepts for Aquarius in ways dissimilar to the issues of the 1st house. Freedom of thought, action, and self-perception are the lifeblood of the 1st house, and are frequently denied, making the task of a lifetime self-definition. If you are a first house native, or identify yourself as such, and find that you have dominating siblings or family members, just know that this is normal. This is part of your task, to find your way on your terms. How you go about doing that will be indicated by the planet ruling the ascendent, how it’s aspected, and if the planets in your first are allowed expression, or if they’re somehow curtailed.

To truly understand the nature of the first house, which comes ‘first’ by virtue of the hierarchy of Spring’s eternal primacy over darkness, and the coming of the light that conquers the darkness of Winter, I’d suggest reading Hamlet. Hamlet is consumed with the question of self, and asks some very pertinent 1st house-type questions.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” and it is up to the 1st house native to decide how s/he will enact that first step. If you begin by shucking off the guilt of the 12th house, you’ll never let anyone else define your truth for you. That’s step #1, the most important step of all.

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    1. Much depends on how tight the stellium is, and what is conjunct what, and whether any of the planets involved actually fall (even by a hair’s breadth) in the 12th, or near the ASC. I have seen strong 1st house stellia, and, especially when Mars is involved, the person is usually a force to be reckoned with. But, as always, the entire chart is at issue. Even one large or dominant stellium cannot explain *everything*.

  1. Wonderful site you have here. Beautifully written and highly informative. I’m not sure exactly where to leave this question, but it’s as relevant here as elsewhere.

    So, like the other poster, I’ve got a stellum in my 1st house (born in 89, so there was that that lovely Saturn, Neptune, Uranus triple conj already going around). Venus, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and the Sun are present, all in Capricorn, with Venus&Uranus being conj my Sagittarius rising. Venus is also conj with USN. Now, I THINK I’ve started grasping the implications of a stellum in this position (HELLO Charisma!), however, as I was perusing your site today I came across your Nodes series and you finally enlightened me towards that specific factors which had been missing from my equation.

    So to make a longer story shorter, my N. Node is in my 2nd house, under the sign of Pisces (my Moon is also Pisces, but 3rd house, with a rather positive aspect to Saturn IMO).

    Basically, my inclination is that what this implies is that, not only must I find a way to support myself, but it /must/ be through a method in which I’m being “me.” The thing is that when you say to look at Neptune for clues…well…it’s there in that stellum all mixed up with all those other energies (although I’ve come to look at Saturn with a peculiar fondness…)

    Am I on the right track here, maybe?

    Sorry for the wall of text.

    1. Hi there, and thanks very much for commenting and reading and even liking the blog. 🙂 You have the same stellium (different houses) as my daughter, also born in ’89. She also has the Moon there, in Capricorn.

      You know, finding a ‘job’ isn’t really the answer if Neptune is involved. I have Neptune in the 10th; I’ve never had a ‘job’. I think Neptune longs for a proper calling. If you have any interest in working with people who could benefit from your skills (whatever they are) you might consider (going out on a limb here) the Peace Corps (as an example of a Neptunian idea). This is just one of many possibilities. Basically, wherever Neptune is involved, I now tend to think in terms of non-profits. Especially with Sag rising, because that generally tends to incline the person towards overseas work (since Sag rising, which I also have, is fond of believing the grass MUST be greener elsewhere and we’re always on a mission of SOME kind).

      But keep in mind also that the combination you’re dealing with has to do with believing in something. You’re not likely to be happy doing something with your life you don’t believe in. This is why it can be for the best to dedicate your life to helping others, if you can.

      Charisma never hurts in situations where you need to please others to get ahead. 🙂 But it always reminds me of David Lee Roth and his ‘charasma’. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that video, but every time I hear the word ‘charisma’ now all I can see is David Lee Roth. LOL. 1st house people usually do have lots of charasma. 😉

      Here we go; thanks to the modern-day miracle of the Internets, I can show you what I’m talking about:

  2. Thank you for this blog! I appreciate your insight and clarity. Reading astro blogs has an become early morning ritual for me (likely a 1st house response). It is an early morning pleasure to find a new site with great insight and information.
    I am writing wondering about your insight on Chiron in Aquarius (singular) in the first house with a Capricorn ascendant? My chart did not make sense to me until I added Chiron which forms a grand trine with Neptune in the 9th and the Sun in the 6th house that becomes a kite formation with Pluto opposing Chiron in the 7th. It has not been an easy ride…
    I was born in ’58 and have faced subtle pervasive health issues all of my life. I now work for non-profits as a grant writer – mercury is 6 min from my Cancer Sun in the 6th.
    Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Yes, the first thing I was about to ask before you mentioned health issues was … health issues. You know, Neptune in the 9th is a fairly unusual placement. I’d have to see the rest of your chart to see the signs on the cusps of the various houses involved before I could really give an opinion, though.

  3. I have been trying to find out what a stellium in the 1st house means and this is the best explanation I have readen so far. I have a 1st house stellium involving Sun, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune & Uranus in Capricorn and I am confused of how to interpret this. Your post has made things a bit clear for me, so thank you for this beautiful explanation!

    1. Thank you, you’re certainly welcome. Any assistance in understanding the self—how crucial is that with the 1st house? That particular stellium has its own challenges (the Capricorn stellium, I mean). There is a sense with that stellium of a kind of self-sacrifice that is, at the same time, resisted. With that dynamic, one really should check the Nodal axis, because the sense of self with Capricorn in the 1st will come slowly, over time. You will no doubt feel more ‘yourself,’ however you end up defining that, as you age. Youth and Capricorn are not close friends. There are so many personality quirks to deal with, and one ends up alienating either what I would call ‘the true self,’ the self only you will someday recognize as real; or, conversely, one’s friends and relatives, during the search for this true self. Of the two, I’d rather alienate others, rather than distance yourself from your truth. Capricorn is not an ‘easy’ sign to navigate. I should write more about that. It’s a complicated sign, both brittle and sweet; easily damaged, yet resilient.

      1. “Capricorn is not an ‘easy’ sign to navigate. I should write more about that. It’s a complicated sign, both brittle and sweet; easily damaged, yet resilient.”

        This would be great if you could do this. It’s very hard finding good information on anything besides the more stereotypical “mountain goat” aspect of him, and as another individual with a Capricorn stellium in the first that involves the sun, whose never really identified with the Capricorn sign, this would be really helpful.

        It seems everyone always focuses on the front of the Capricorn sign, the Goat part, but they never seem to talk much about his back-parts, the fish part. He might be a climber of heights, but his sign seems to suggest he’s quite affiliated with the depths as-well.

        So yeah, would love to read more on the sea-goat aspect of the sign! 🙂

  4. Hello! 🙂
    I am also very interested in stelliums. I have one in 1st house capricorn involving moon-uranus-neptune. Saturn still in 1st house but in aquarius. They capricorn planets all conjunct the asc.The neptune conjunction is by far the most difficult.And my tightest aspect is moon conjunct neptune exact 0 00.NN in capricorn 12th house.
    I am thankful for my sun conjunct venus and sun square jupiter,because they lighten up a bit. I am a gemini 00 04′ sun.
    Life would be so hard without these,but I am prone to depressive and self-critical thoughts anyway. Not a typical gemini at all.~

    1. At least you’re aware of the effects these planets can have, particularly in Capricorn. My daughter has the 1989 stellium in Capricorn, with Saturn there as well, plus she’s a Gemini, so I’m very aware of the troubles that combination causes. On the plus side, though, you’d be a lot more stable and trustworthy than Gemini sometimes is.

  5. Thank you for your reply! 🙂
    To be honest, Capricorn is not the best friend of young people. You probably got to see it directly through your daughter?
    Trustworthy is my name…only sun/saturn in air,
    Asc,NN plus 4 planets all in earth.
    In 1st house – equals late bloomer, wonder people with capricorn stelliums in other houses,would they feel the activity there is delayed..?This is a great blog. Happy to find it~~

    1. I’m a late bloomer, if I could even say that I’ve ‘bloomed’ yet… It’s highly debatable. I’ve got Saturn in Capricorn on the Ascendent. I will tell you that having your stellium in the 1st might affect you in such a way that you think of yourself as a late bloomer, but my child with Saturn in Capricorn, who is doing really well, thinks she’s not moving or achieving fast enough. It makes me laugh, since Saturn in Capricorn apparently has to learn the same lesson every generation, which is to accept that the kind of achievement you want so badly isn’t something that occurs overnight, particularly not to most heavily Capricorn or earth people. I don’t think anyone with Saturn in Capricorn ever got ‘discovered’ overnight. Planets near the Midheaven will make the process go faster, but even then, if you’ve got that much earth, you’re going to go slower than the air in your chart might like. Also, in my case, my nodal axis is square to my Saturn, which really slows you down, so if you’ve got any squares to your nodal axis, that will slow you down. There’s a lot to overcome if there are squares to the nodal axis, I’m afraid.

      1. Thank you so much! ( now I understand better the whole process).
        And ‘not achieving fast enough’ is also ringing a bell. My NN has only 2 aspects- quincunx sun and a trine from a detrimental and intercepted jupiter. Saturn is square mercury (1deg) venus,pluto and mc~~because pluto stands on the mc~making hard aspects as well. Having these aspects I am not expecting the ‘power’ of the scorpionic mc to be gained fast at all/or even as an adult. Life will knock me down (as she already did) Sometimes this pushes my buttons to see some have it so easy/and with no hardwork, but sometimes, that is the very motivating factor-to Be strong ,to keep going and gearing the wheels!~

  6. Hello Ms. Alison!
    I, too, am very interested in Stellium since I have one or two in my chart. I’d be grateful if you could say a word or two about my particular one(s) since I’m a total rookie in this area and it’s hard for me to make much sense here. I have Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune in 1st house – (Sun in Aqua, Mer/Jup/Nep in conj. in Cap, Ven in Sag; Sag rising). Seems like a party, yes?! 🙂 Also, I have Mars, Saturn and Pluto in 10th, all in conj. Scorpio. (Btw, is that stellium? It’s 3 planets.) I’d be grateful if you could say a word or two about this/these. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

    1. First of all, thanks for reading the blog. I guess you must have a very large 1st house? Ideally, I would be able to see the chart, but just in general, a stellium is made up of either a grouping of three or more planets in one house or one sign. A stellium in the 1st house, if you have a fire sign rising on the Ascendent, gives extra weight to those planets being influenced by the element of fire, since the 1st is considered Aries’ natural house. What really matters is where the ruler of the Ascendent falls, however, so the fact that the ruler of the Ascendent is involved in your 1st house stellium says that pretty much, no matter what, you tend to land on your feet and don’t let your Capricorn planets get you down too much.

      Yes, the Scorpio planets sound like they would represent a stellium under both counts, of being in one house or in one sign. Scorpio and Aquarius can form a square if the planets are in the right degrees, and then too Scorpio planets are often in sextile to Capricorn planets. Planets involved in 10th to the 1st house relationship are actually one of the easier squares to have, unless you find that you somehow cannot express your natural 1st house abilities; generally speaking, 1st house people, particularly supported by Sun and ruler of the chart, ought to have a very outgoing personality which tends to help them succeed in life. It’s usually quite difficult to ignore 1/10 house people.

      You haven’t mentioned where your Moon falls, and if you have any other planets or points in opposition to each other, but even squares from the 10th to the 1st can influence the individual to accomplish a great deal. 10th house planets usually make themselves known in some obvious way; there’s usually some form of fame (or notoriety, depending on the overall personality).

      Mars, Saturn and Pluto, if they are tightly conjunct, make for an extremely dominant personality type, but usually the energy is restricted from overt expression, since Saturn conjunct any planet tends to hold back the energy of the other planet. Only over time does the person learn how to use his or her Pluto wisely, and Mars energy is usually held back with Saturn in tight conjunction, but if they are only in the same house but not conjunct, then you might see more personal freedom of expression of your will. Saturn/Pluto/Mars speaks of someone who is determined to be known, particularly in the 10th, but that combination also says that it will take time and determination to achieve your goals, whatever they are. On the other hand, you might also come from a famous family, or have been raised to believe that you should have to work hard to get ahead. Usually though, your desires are pretty much thwarted with Saturn/Pluto/Mars, and you either cause your own problems or you ‘attract’ people who cause them for you; difficult bosses, getting fired, etc. A lot depends on the rest of the chart.

      Saturn/Pluto/Mars is not an easy set of planets to have in conjunction, it has to be said, although maybe in the 10th it’s better since it’s Saturn’s natural house. At its worst, Pluto/Mars together can be extremely determined to have their own way; Saturn in conjunction would have a constraining effect on that kind of power mongering, but it might also repress ambition in an interesting way. Could go in more than one direction, depending on the rest of the chart; the individual might be very repressed, with his or her power held back by Saturn, or Saturn could function as a force that slows you down and helps you learn some very important life lessons about how to use power. Hard to know!

      1. Thank you so much, this is fantastic stuff, it’s so thorough and accurate. Btw, you asked about where the Moon is, it’s in 9th in Virgo. The 10th is in Libra. I guess my remaining question would be if I’m cut out for artistic career where I’d be my own boss, because that’s what my dream situation would look like. Thanks again!

  7. Hello.:) I think this is first blog ive seen to have more detailed attention given to 1st house matters, well done! 🙂 I’m just as many others who came across it by having another mental storm going around to understand what that 1st house wants from me. I’m a 88 child, late degree sag asc conjunct with last degree Mars, first degree saturn + uranus+ neptune ( neptune a bit further away) in Capricorn. So pretty tight conjunction of not most feminine planets on first house with these critical degrees (I’m a girl:) )My asc ruler is involved in another stellium in 3rd house with moon and venus ( venus just about to enter 3rd. All in Aries! Jupiter has got trine to my 1st house stellium, has saved my butt many times:) and then gentle sun in Pisces on midpoint between 1st stellium and jupiter in 3 stellium. And sure enough first house stellium in square to nodes in Pisces/Virgo in 2/8 house. so struggle between Aries and Capricorn energy and bunch of other stuff, its been a roller coaster! I’ve struggled to find good explanation to my 2 stelliums and struggled always to understand my purpurse, maybe You can add something I’ve left unnoticed:)

    1. Regina, thanks for reading the blog! Let me know if you ever need to consult me as an astrologer. It sounds like you have a good understanding of the struggle your chart is set up to deal with. The Cardinal signs involved will probably not let you off the hook of accomplishing as much as you can, but you’re young! You still have lots of time to get things done. I strongly suspect the Saturn in Capricorn stellium people born during your era will not see the kinds of return on energy-investment you’re looking for until after the 1st Saturn return. My Saturn is in Capricorn, and we do seem to have to make a rather huge effort, particularly with squares to the nodal axis. Just keep walking on the road before you. 🙂

  8. This is really interesting. I’m also new to astrology and I also have a stellium in first house Capricorn, with Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune. Sometimes these energies concentrated on one point can get overwhelming and confusing. Also have Jupiter and the moon in 10th house. Hope this doesn’t make me self absorbed and status/power hungry. Although I have to admit I tend to focus more on my career/job then anything else.

    1. I suspect the only reason you might feel in any way “bad” about your understandable Capricorn-stellium concern with attainment would be if you did not also get the Saturn in Capricorn that came as part of the set in 1988-1989. 😉 If, for example, you came in with late Sagittarius Saturn, you’re probably wondering where in life is the thing called ‘fun.’

      My daughter and I both have Saturn in Capricorn, although hers is part of the 1989 stellium, and I know from experience how hard it can be to let go of work. I would also suggest keeping in mind that the 1st house ‘task,’ if you will, is to to become better acquainted with yourself, which sounds easy, doesn’t it? The nodal axis will also tell you where your focus ultimately lies, the direction of the lifetime. It’s important, in my opinion, to access this knowledge as early as possible, otherwise you tend to stumble around a lot, even at the same time that you’re already on your chosen path, it’s just that you won’t see it because it’s right underneath your feet.

      The key to status and attainment is that your generation has been given the message that it’s not just important, it’s pretty much the only thing that matters. What my generation was told was somewhat similar, but has one difference that I think makes some sense and saves your mind when you think you’re going to lose it, which is that you work because you have to, not because it necessarily leads to a pot of gold or to status or attainment. Work for its own sake. The thing about work is that, without it, you won’t attain very much anyway. Ask yourself if the ideal of status and attainment is filling in for anything that you think you are not, or that you think you “should” aspire to, because your generation has been pushed to material aspirations in ways that are not, in my opinion, healthy. There’s a bit too much Capricorn materialism in that stellium, in other words, and not enough enjoyment.

      The thing is, life is long. It’s a good idea to work hard, but my hope is that you guys get to enjoy what you’ve attained and find it ‘enough’ at some point. Therein lies the key to contentment: the concept of ‘enough.’

  9. Hi, I really like this post… since I have Moon, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn in 1st house Capricorn… if I use the equal house system… if I use the Placidus one, I also have Venus, Mars and NN in Aqua intercepted there. My sun is in Pisces. Could you please give some examples related to your last post about work? and the path in life thing… I am confused as well as to what’s the point where I will have enough… right now I am struggling with rent and expenses, and I only have money left for food and some clothes. but it’s frustrating. I feel as if I work just to survive… Do you have any solutions as to what to do in the meantime while I age and work , in order not to think and worry all the time about my future? Thanks… I think having a 1st house stellium is the hardest…

    1. Because you are asking such important larger life questions, it would be irresponsible of me to try to answer without having all your information, and that means doing your chart for you as my client. I do think, though, very generally, that your generation born with the Capricorn stellium is presenting with very similar issues right now, that almost invariably revolve around “why isn’t the work I’m doing getting me anywhere?” which is terribly frustrating, I know.

      I hate saying this, but when I was your age, I felt almost exactly the same way, except I did not have the added pressure of all those extra Capricorn planets, I just have Saturn in Capricorn on the ASC. However, I can tell you that the day I realized that I got up, went to work, came home, and did the exact same thing the next day, I pretty much checked out and decided to get off that path. For me, the whole thing is not about “will I have enough money” but “how do I maintain my sanity on this crazy planet which has values that make absolutely no sense to me.”

      If you like the work you’re doing, stick with it. If you do not like the work you’re doing, try to make your changes now while it does not matter, because once you get past a certain age, choices are harder for a lot of reasons. I have a lot more I could say about this subject, but then I’d be ranting. Perhaps there is a karma thing going on for those born with the stellium in Capricorn around the entire idea of working, because I hear this exact same problem so often that I’m beginning to wonder which is the part that affects you guys the most. I need to find out. Cause if it’s the fact that yes, this is what work is, doing stuff you do not like for years and not necessarily making any money at it, that part is just a fact of that kind of life.

      If you and all the other stellium people want off that merry-go-round, you’re going to have change the dynamic in one way or another. Something has to give; you have to get roommates or live with your parents or get married or stop buying stuff or walk to work or something. That’s one level. Another level of the problem is, do you realize that this is what every generation has had to do prior to you, this “paying your dues” stuff?

      See, this is the key for me; I do not know where precisely the source of your upsetness comes from, so I am kind of poking around to find out what causes these feelings of angst. I just don’t know. The fact is, most people work just to survive until they find something else to do that matters to them and pays some bills. Most people compromise their goals and dreams. Okay, that’s all I know. 🙂 That it’s your 1st house means you take this stuff as being about you, probably, but it really isn’t. You’re not at all alone in this. Maybe you’re a very creative person who needs a creative job.

  10. The most informative, kind interpretation this Stellium ( In Leo) in house 1 has always wanted! I have, Moon, Jupiter, Murcery, (mars) all in Leo, which makes me intense and visible as hell. I have many battles with my identity and getting accurate readings of how I am perceived.

    I have read else where first house stelliums can go hard on one on one caring and devotion situations, at the cost of losing themselves.

    1. I’d have to re-read what I said, but in general, I do try to be kind to people, because no one’s better or worse than anyone. We’re all in this same leaky boat together, it seems to me. Stellia (stelliums) are not easy in general, which becomes obvious during transits, since it’s like a set of dominos; one planet is affected and then they all are. I’m glad anything I wrote has helped you!

  11. Hi Alison, thanks for your posts, I’ve liked them a lot, they have been greatly informative. The Nodes, uff! what a great thing to read.

    About this one, I’ve been curious about how strong could Chiron and Lilith be conjunct the Ascendant?

    Chiron is in Scorpio there in a male friend’s chart with Pluto in Sagittarius a little ahead.

    And Lilith’s in a woman’s. Perhaps this point is not so relevant as planets are but it is in the same exact degree -not minutes- of the Ascendant in Virgo. There’s Venus ahead too, in Libra.

    Do you have some insight about these two?

    1. Hello, and thank you for reading. I often get these kinds of questions, in that the person is asking about something affecting the chart that might or might not have a much larger influence than I can tell from the information provided. Any planet or point conjunct (within 2-3˚ degrees) the Ascendent is going to have a large influence on the expression of the personality. It will matter which sign is on the Ascendent, compared to the sign on the influencing planet or point (I use the word ‘point’ to cover a multitude of pieces of the chart; Chiron is not a planet, nor is Lilith, and so they are influential, but appear more subtly, unless they are also multiply-aspected). But in general, consider that any time you see something conjunct the Ascendent, self-expression is filtered through that influence. So what I’d do is consider how Chiron in Scorpio expresses in general, and then apply that to the Ascendent, but only if Chiron is actually conjunct the Ascendent. Being ‘in’ the house has a different level of expression, and is considerably less obvious or powerful.

      Also, I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by ‘ahead’ of?

  12. This is great! I have long-time been perplexed and frustrated about feeling like a Pisces inside, but having so much air! I have sun and ascendant in Aquarius, with my sun in the 1st house–but I also have Pisces intercepted there. Would this explain why I feel like a Pisces in my deepest places? I also have Mercury and Venus right on on cusp in 12th house in Capricorn… (Moon in Gemini in Gemini’s house.) Saturn in cancer in 6th house. Mars in Gemini in 4th house…

    1. There is an astrological theory that says that intercepted signs are not expressed with as much energy or power as those of non-intercepted signs. There is the sense that the energy is ‘hung up’ and doesn’t usually have as much of a chance to express itself. I believe there’s some truth to this, although interceptions are not where I’d begin in a study of one’s chart. There are clearer indications in the chart about how one’s energy expresses.

      Overall, yours is the kind of question that can be hard to answer, largely because one’s own perception of your individual self cannot be verified by anyone else. Your feelings about yourself are going to be, of necessity, subjective. From my perspective, for example, you might not be Piscean at all, but you might see yourself that way, or feel “Piscean” for other reasons (plus you might also be conflating your ideas about “Pisces” with other water signs or even Moon aspects in the chart).

      I would have to see the rest of your chart to see, for example, if you have aspects to Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, or even prominent house activity that might give you a better explanation of your feelings. On the other hand, I cannot tell you how to feel about yourself, and if you want to think of yourself as a “Pisces,” you have every right to. 😉 It’s your chart. You can be whatever you want.

      Given the fact that Uranus is the ruler of the chart, since you have Aquarius rising, take a look at where your Uranus falls and how it’s aspected. Uranus tends to be an iconoclast, and it might make you feel like more of an individual to ‘rebel’ against your Air sign nature—this is not out of the realm of possibility with that much Aquarius/Uranian energy. It can be very difficult to change the mind of an Aquarian who has decided (in that fixed, air way) that they believe something contrary to the ‘evidence’ of the chart.

      However, if you have Water houses (4, 8, 12) tenanted, this can also add to the overall sense of being more watery than not. To say one feels like a particular sign is a decision we make so as to add to our sense of identity, which actually leads me to suggest this post I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

      And thanks for reading!

  13. I have sun and mercury in libra and mars in virgo, the three in the 1 st house. About domineering family members, it is very true, it is my mother in the case. Her sun and her uranus in leo are in my 12thhouse…. it took decades to realize this and other questions, but I believe soon my sun is going to shine strong 🙂

    Most of the planets of my chart is in the first quadrant, the exceptions are moon in the 8 th house and venus in the 12th house. Yes, I’m self-centered but I feel I can learn to develop deep love for people. The problem is that most of people I meet ,specially aquarians, venus in aquarius, moon in aquarius are so apathetic, lifeless..I can’t stand them, I despise most of them, even if I show few times, I’m almost always pouring lava, burning inside ( sometimes outside lol ).

    1. Well, just one thought, which is always be careful of situations you ‘despise.’ Typically we are projecting an awful lot of inner, and primarily unconscious, psychological ‘material’ on people we despise. My suggestion is to get some distance from the type of behavior you’re talking about and see if you do any of the things you don’t like in others; if you find that you never behave the way they do, then you probably do despise the behavior for good reason. Some behaviors in others are so reprehensible they make every moral fibre in us stand up like hackles on a cat’s back when it’s been rubbed the wrong way. Some people so entirely represent everything we despise because they do not share our values, not for an iota of time. However, quite often, we find, when we’ve spent enough time just sitting with the hatred for others, that we realize we despise something in them that we ourselves are guilty of, but we have been in some kind of denial over, or are unconscious of in general. It’s not unusual, for example, to claim that one is ‘nothing like’ one’s parent that you do not like, but unconsciously identify with. You might despise their weakness, their selfishness, or their childishness, let’s say. Later in life, if you’re really paying attention, though, you come to realize you have the same weakness, or selfishness, or childishness, and that’s when life becomes truly complicated, since we are forced to look at our own behaviors and own them, and forgive that parent for that all-too-human behavior. Ultimately, one simply wants to cultivate compassion in the face of raw humanity and all its foibles (including one’s own bad behaviors), and that compassion is too often missing for many people.

  14. I have a friend with a sun, mercury, Venus, mars, Saturn, Neptune, and uranus 1st house stellium. It’s the weirdest chart I’ve ever seen so this article was very helpful!
    His Venus, saturn, and sun are in Pisces while the rest all fall in aquarius. His moon in the 7th in Leo, Jupiter in the 9th in Scorpio, and Pluto in the 10th also in Scorpio. Any insight would be wildly appreciated~

    1. That’s a lot of angular energy in one chart, with three of the four angular houses tenanted. You didn’t mention if any of the planets are actually conjunct the angles, or if his Moon opposes any of the Aquarius planets? Also, the location of his nodal axis? 1st house people can have a lot of trouble defining themselves while young, so they’ll spend a really long time finding out who they are, what they’re made of, stuff like that.

      However, in general, that Aquarius/Pisces combination combines intellect with emotion. Depending on the balance of the rest of the chart, for example, the Leo Moon in aspect to the Aquarius planets, the person might be so made up of fixed energy that he’s impossible to deal with or understand.

      The Leo Moon might need an awful lot of attention, or, conversely, if it’s in relationship to the Aquarius planets, might swing back and forth between seeking attention from “the other” of the 7th house, and “hiding out” in his head or imagination.

      These are purely speculative ideas; I’d have to see the chart.

  15. This is the most helpful discussion of a stellium in the first house that I have read. Thank you! I have 5 personal planets in Scorpio in the first house. I’d like to talk to you about my chart. My birthdate and time are 10/25/1946 at 6:05 am in Lancaster PA. Do you think we could talk next month – perhaps for just 30 minutes???

  16. I’m Aquarius with stellum in1 house, sun, Mercury, venus, Jupiter, in tight conj, asc Capricorn – Saturn 10h. My most occupied houses are 1st and 10th. I was looking for myself and trying to understand myself and to define myself for very long time, I’m not a social butterfly, I have blockages of going out to people, fearing of being accepted by others and generally don’t like being in spotlight and I lack self confidence.

    1. So is your Saturn square your ASC? Saturn squares to the ASC can make you feel pretty tight all over, hard to reach out to others, particularly from the MC/IC axis. 4th to the ASC is usually ‘worse,’ in the sense that your issues would be more deeply buried (to the extent that you would probably have formed such solid defenses you wouldn’t even notice you had a problem, but others do and treat you differently and keep their distance).

  17. i have neptune cj. uranus in 1st house of capricorn, with the said sign as ascendant. honestly, all this time i have been unable really see myself (it’s like looking past the fog, it’s just so blurry) and i had constantly asked others’ opinion regarding myself. the more i asked, the more i became confused, unable to really define myself. i’m known as an odd individual and tend to do the opposite people are expecting to do. i’m somehow feel proud for doing the opposite because it makes me feel “liberated” and “free” to “swim”.

    i have been completely unable to blend with my classmates i meet daily, always being the black sheep, but i love talking to new people or people i rarely meet daily. i feel the most comfortable among those who don’t really know me, so i spend most of my time alone going to crowded place, like coffee shop.

    i think being capricorn rising and having saturn as dominant planet is somehow very fortunate for me because my chart is highly emphasized in 11th and 12th house, with additions of uranus and neptune in 1st house. i sometimes think i’m barely holding onto something but somehow, i can make my dreams, one by one, come into reality. sun-neptune-saturn dynamic is the key to make the ‘unrealistic’ becomes ‘realistic’. many wonder why such lonely, lost-in-touch person can set her feet on ground while having her head in the clouds, and i like to keep making them wondering that way.

  18. Hi Alison,
    Thank you so much for your writing. I have Pluto a few degrees from my ASC in Scorpio. I find that I am not manipulative and willful. What I do find is that I have an intense fear of the power of my own will and have huge trust issues Spiritually within myself and in terms of the universe. I have felt very fearful and stunted from taking any action at all because of a deep seated mistrust and fear. I was wondering what your thoughts on the 1st house Scorpio/Pluto dynamic might be and how to deal with plutonic energy.

    1. Hello, Nicole. I’m wondering how your Pluto is aspected; also, I’m assuming your Pluto is in the 1st, but in fact, it could be in the 12th, from your description? It’s not out of the ordinary for Pluto in such a prominent position to function in a couple of obvious ways.

      One is to entirely project the strength and power onto others (the condition of your 7th house and Descendent would be of interest if this is what’s happening). Another possibility is that you actually do have a strong desire to express your power, and there’s something in your past experience that has convinced you you could easily misuse it.

      My suggestion would be to take on small pieces of power and see if you can handle it. The question is, what specifically are you afraid of? You mention deep-seated mistrust and fear, but of what? Somewhere along the line, you picked up this belief, so the question is, when did you start to doubt yourself?

      Pluto on an angle can be a sign of someone who far too aware of the nature of the angle, and is very cautious, very hesitant, before they take on responsibility. Pluto is inherently serious and protective, so keep in mind that we tend to grow into our power. With Pluto in Scorpio, you still have lots of time in life to work your way towards your full strength.

  19. I have conjunction of sun&merc in Cap at 22 and my cap AC is at 23. I am not sure how to interpret it -as a 1st or 12th house SUn, since I often find interpretation of 1st house Sun. However I do feel somehow more a 12th house person. What would this Sun-Merc conjunction in CAp suggest if it is a more 1st house interpretation I also have the conjunction sextile Jupiter at 19 Pisces and my Sag Saturn is in 11th. Often I feel i have no other purpose in life but to work, and fun things happen rarely. My Venus is in sag 10th house and Mars in Aries. Moon is in Cancer 6th and is heaviliy aspected with squares and oppositions. I often feel more of a passive then active person and have an overwhelming feeling of melancoly all the time. I think I feel more of that moon energy than driven Capricorn. And often I have a feeling i think about things to much, and have been in situations where people tell me they would like to know what goes around in my head.

    1. I’m wondering if your progressed ASC has yet moved out of Aquarius. I would want to take a look at what your planets look like in progression. Progressed charts are very helpful to be able to see the ‘inner’ world that’s happening inside of you.

      Also, you haven’t mentioned Uranus and Pluto (or Neptune, for that matter), so I don’t know how old you are. Capricorn is not an easy burden to bear when you’re young. It gets easier as you get older. With planets within 1 degree or so of the ASC, I will tell you that there is a relatively rare effect, which is that your Sun and Mercury are technically in the 12th, but are actually much more important and powerful since they are actually conjunct the ASC.

      I can’t remember if I’ve read anyone talk about this at great length; maybe I should write about it. But you’re in a special category any time you have more than one planet actually conjunct an angle. You are then an “angle” person, and your life is much more “tense,” if you ask me, because you’re always moving, always pushing, especially with Cardinal energy.

      Think about it; 3 of your points (Sun, Mercury and ASC) are all representing you at once, they’re pushing you forward, they’re controlling how you express yourself. They’re all angular, which gives particular energy to your expression (forces your hand, so to speak; let’s say you were playing a card game based on suits—you’d be holding 3 major cards in one suit). I also don’t know if your Cancer Moon aspects your Capricorn planets. Now, you also did not mention your Nodal axis. So that’s important too.

      Many bits and pieces, all of them are important. 🙂

      1. I’m actually exactly at the beginning of my 1st saturn return (I’m 29), so I think the feeling of burden comes from that right now. But I feel I have been more of a capricorn so to speak when I was younger, I felt more of that driven energy and was actually very ambitious as a child. As I said, It feels I’m going through some passive and introspective energy for some years now. It is like I’m trying really hard and am moving really slow which started to feel really frustrating. My neptune is at 6 Cap in 12th, Pluto is 9 Scorpio in 9th house and Uranus is 24 Sag also in 11th close to Saturn at 16 Sag. moon is in cancer 2, so is almost exactly square mars at 3 Aries and opposit natal Neptune (even Uranus widely). N.Node is at 15 Aries.I feel constant pressure to move more inside of me then from the outside, but if feels like I move too slow somehow and it is frustrating…When it comes to merc-sun conjunction how should I consider that to affect my career since this is the biggest question for Cap 🙂 and it is 1st/12th house issue, or has it any effect at all?

        1. Specifically in terms of career, there are a few things you might want to do, in no particular order. First, of course, assess what you’re interested in and what you’re good at, and see if you fit into the marketplace. That’s the pragmatic stuff. Then, take a look at the sign on the cusp of the 10th house; what is the sign? The planet associated with that sign will have a large influence on what you feel comfortable or drawn to, and you also have to assess the aspects that planet makes. You are, of course, going to want to know what placement your natal Saturn, ruler of the chart, has, and what aspects it makes. It would be ideal if it makes an aspect to Mercury and/or Sun. Another thing to keep in mind are the houses the nodal axis falls in, as well as the rulers of the nodal axis (in your case, Venus and Mars). All these things are going to influence your choice of career and/or help determine which parts of your career actually make you happy and feel like you’re on the right track.

  20. HI Aison!

    Lately i’ve been into astrology. I never really identified to my sign nor my ascendant, but few month ago someone provided me my detailed natal chart. It’s still a big puzzle but it’s exciting to analyse it.
    So i’ve been reading and learning about planets and this is how i found your blog. It’s really helpful!!

    I’m a 12 house virgo sun and rising libra. My chart is all upside down!!!! Add a western bowl shape pattern with my cancer moon as the leading planet.
    I have a stellium in my 1st house with mercury, saturn, jupiter and pluto in libra. i have venus and uranus in scorpion. Mars in leo.
    A yod with my focal planet neptune in sagittarius. And a yod, focal planet chiron in the 8th house taurus .
    My lunar north node is at 0°01 Leo in the 10th house.

    I should be very social yet i’m a loner. I’m cheerful and friendly but i can’t seem to connect to anyone. A real lone wolf although i’m fine by myself. I have a lot of personals / family oriented issue, and it’s so important for my sanity to know myself that i tend to be obsessed with introspection… I really fear that i’m becoming more and more self-centered.

    Does having a crowded 1st house make one feel scattered? Or is it because i’m a 12th house virgo?

    I have the feeling that i’m more a scorpio, or am i an oddball??!!

    1. I appreciate your reading and commenting! Thanks very much.

      Now, I will say that when I get responses from readers/clients that tell me how the person views him- or herself, in my experience, the person is looking for reasons for something in the natal chart that might very well be harder to see than meets the eye when you’re just learning/beginning (in other words, it’s like someone who is not a medical doctor trying to diagnose a problem based on what they know, when the impetus that’s causing “a” problem comes from somewhere completely different than where they’re looking).

      Another thing to keep in mind is that “scattered” is a very vague term, and means something to you that it might not mean to me or other people. What do you mean by ‘scattered,’ and do you have specific examples? The one specific thing that comes to mind in what you’ve described is that you have a lot of Libra energy trying to peacefully coexist in Aries’ natural house, the 1st. That and the yods will add an awful lot of emotional force to a person’s psyche, it seems to me. Keep in mind that Aries/Libra, as opposites in Cardinal energy, do not willingly do what the other tells them to do. Libra thinks Aries’ ideas are immature and poorly thought out; Aries finds Libra to be overly analytical and unwilling to take action. What results is a bifurcation or cognitive dissonance in how you process data about a thing, event, or person.

      Also, the more time one spends thinking about things, the more one does become self-absorbed! It sounds to me that you are undergoing some serious transits through the first quadrant of your chart (houses 1-3 are the first quadrant). These are considered to be the most “introspective”, self-absorbed houses and time of life, with transits there. Where are Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune transiting in your chart? In the past 10 years or so, you had Saturn come across your 1st house cusp, and transit through the first 3 houses. Depending on where Sagittarius falls in your chart, Saturn is currently in Sagittarius. If Sagittarius is your 4th house, for example, you are going through a very serious time, being forced to understand your most deeply-held, unconscious biases and beliefs learned in early childhood. Saturn through the 5th house puts the 5/11 axis into perspective, and seems to accompany a time of very little joy, when the person is forced to deal with maturity issues about how one integrates into the whole of society through one’s ability (or inability) to create or think for one’s self.

      I would also caution against focusing too much on one’s ‘leading planet,’ and detailed information like that. When you start from those places, and focus too much on the mechanics of one’s chart, rather than the meaning of houses and transits, you really are clogging your brain with information that does not give you the kind of illumination you need about why you respond to the world the way you do. Until you can explain (to yourself, not to me or anyone else) why the leading planet truly matters to you, what it means to you, you’re putting the cart before the horse.

      On the other hand, if details like the leading planet really do matter to you, that’s entirely understandable, but that kind of detail tells you less about yourself than other places in the chart to focus on, as in, the structure of the chart: its architecture (the signs/elements/modalities on the four major cusps, ASC/DSC, IM/MC) and the signs/elements/modalities on the cusps of each house. This is the most fruitful place to begin.

      It would be more illuminating, for example, to look at your chart’s ruling planet, than at the ‘leading’ planet. The ruler of your chart, with Libra rising, is Venus; take a look at how your Venus is aspected, and go from there.

      Now, as interesting as the following information is, it is really not a good place to begin with astrology vis-a-vis your own personal chart, largely because these descriptions are so broad and vague that they do not give enough data to go on, no matter how interesting their ‘shapes’ and configurations are:

      Yes, read about it and pay some attention to it, but don’t start there and then shape your concept about ‘who you are’ from this kind of vague information. That’s my caveat.

      1. Hi!

        Fisrt, i want to thank you for being kind enough to reply and give me some of your insinght! I really appreciate it and it’s really meaningful to me!!

        I don’t intend to learn who i am through my natal chart. I’ve beeen in an introspection for a while, maybe all my life,also i’ve been in therapy. I have a lot of issues, and i find it difficult to resolve them and move on at the same time. It’s even harder since i have some problems that are reoccuring in my life which is the reason i try to understand myself. I need to find a way to get out of that cycle.

        When i talk about feeling scattered, it is really on my personal term. Maybe i should talk a bit about my life. I suffered from sexual abuse from my close family members, throughout my childhood. My parents don’t know but they don’t seem to care eventhough they saw me in a really bad shape.
        For years i wanted to be strong, and thought i was moving on. I couldn’t talk about it, but somehow my “friends” believed i had an easy life, that i was blessed, too lucky. So i had to deal with envious people, jealousy and that made my life even harder. Again, i had to deal with some abuse again. I had a breakdown, and was in a deep depression and lived in seclusion. Cut all ties with people around me except my family
        It’s weird because, i’m a cheerful girl, really loving and compassionnate and overly sensitive, empathic. So even while in deep depression, people thought that i didn’t seem to be that bad.

        Now it’s been few years that i try to rebuild my life, meeting new people. During my worst day, i came to meet myself, and to love who i am, with my positive and negative traits. I know that i exist and that i have an inner strengh. I’m maturing into being quite authentic.
        This is where i feel scattered, i don’t know what i want. I spent years protecting myself, building a gilded cage. So i feel like i never really projected myself. I am very passionnate about everything that i might take a liking but can’t seem to focus.
        So currently i’m dealing with this reoccuring pattern with my friends. They know i’ve been through hell, yet same issue, jealousy over a man. And how i have it so easy, and how they wished they could be more like me…
        Fun fact, i attract a lot of men but they won’t dare come closer to me, except those who shamelessly objectify people. My friends date differents men , i don’t, yet i’m the lucky one. But it’s true that i’m the only one who don’t lament nor complain.

        Anyways, that’s what i’m going through, so i’m reflecting, again, and i think too much.
        This when an acquaintance gave me my natal chart, and it was so accurate that i really wanted to dig through!!
        Of course, learning is a long process and one need to be quite meticulous. And i agree with what you said about the non medical doctor. It could be quite dangerous to dellude myself into thinking that i would who i am in my natal chart!!

        Both my sun sign and ascendant are more analitical, and while it fits me, i feel like i’m lead by my emotions and probably emphasized that side when i read my charts. But i do pay attention to houses,… I’m really new, and intend to learn thoroughly. I’m in no rush and certainely don’t want to build myself another gilded cage.
        Thank you for speaking your mind. I think you are wise and your advices are really precious!!!!

        Back to my chart : Sagittarius is my 3rd House.
        My current transits :
        Uranus transiting the 7th house Aries, opposition mercury, trine neptune, opposition pluto
        Saturn transiting the 3rd house Sag, trine mars, sextile jupiter, sextile saturn
        Neptune transiting the 6th house Pisces, trine venus
        Pluto transiting the 4th house Capricorn opposition moon, square jupiter

  21. Thank you so much for all your wonderful info in the 1st house! I have four planets here (Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus) so it is so fun for me to read about! Sun, Venus and Jupiter are all conjunct in Scorpio, and Uranus is in Sagittarius. Both sun and Venus are conjunct my ascendant. I relate so much to having strong personality family members and feeling like I don’t quite fit in. Which caused me to make my own way in the world. That was difficult but a few years ago (maybe due to my Saturn return) things are making more sense and I am so much more comfortable with myself. I also have Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn conjunct in Libra in my 12th house. I have a feeling those aspects may be a little more challenging than the 1st house planets. If you have any thoughts please let me know!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I do think the 1/7 axis is the ‘crucible,’ if you will, of how we get on with others, but here’s the thing: the angles all seem to work together, simultaneously, thereby influencing the 1st house sense of self and reality even more strongly than it might for someone else who doesn’t have 1st house planets.

      I’m sure this is not astrological ‘news,’ but it does seem true that the 1st house cusp (the Ascendent) promotes your unique understanding of yourself by showing you who you are through the sign on the cusp of the 4th house. The core of your early life experiences shapes your fundamental reaction to events and people. Early home life 4th house experiences help us figure out our values and biases—whether we like having them or not, our values and biases, what we are taught from an early age to believe in, do help us order our experiences and give meaning and worth to how we feel, what we believe, and what we do later in life. Then we encounter others through the 10th and 7th houses and those values and biases, learned at home, are tested; do we still believe them? Do they still make sense, or are we reflecting our family’s values and not our own? And in that way we are driven back to the core reality of the 1st house, the one that constantly questions if others are somehow more ‘real’ than we are.

      All the while, though, the question of determining what is and is not an authentic expression of the individual self is repeated with planets in the 1st. Separating out who we really are from how we behave and feel around others, holding on to our sense of ‘me-ness’… this is the work of the 1st. One could easily argue that we are never entirely ‘free’ of others; that our relationships to others are bound up with the 4th, 7th, and 10th house negotiation we make with the rest of the world. I sometimes think the ‘best’ we can do with planets in the 1st is to maintain a sense of perspective on the idea of the S/self, and never really take too seriously the way we interact with others, not let those navigations define who we really are. How to stay at least somewhat free of others is a key question for the 1/7 axis, it seems to me.

  22. Wow, thank you for this! Years ago someone pointed out to me how different it was to have everything in my first house, I did not realise how huge it was. Been a heck of a learning curve recently as Saturn is transiting across all of this, it’s squares with Neptune are creating significant lessons in terms of me having cancer, family issues and death of a pet. It is actually quite scary and had me on a significant personal development journey for the past 9 months. I have my AC, Mars, Sun, Uranus and Neptune all in Sagittarius, 1st house. I had not heard of how this could significantly impact things, seems meant to be, once I make it to the other side. Till then it is a very trying time, keeping myself afloat. Any advice or comments welcome, I am trying to take in as much guidance as possible as previously I just did it on my own, this worked, but not well.

    1. If you decide you want to talk with me privately, let me know. I will be setting up times soon for new clients. The inner journey from one type of personality and way of viewing the world to another involves major shifts in perspective, and those can often be seen with transits through the 9th, or Nodes making significant aspects through transit, or planets affecting the Nodes through transit, that sort of thing. Neptune, as you are describing it, is a planet that represents the very wide emotional spectrum of dreams to nightmares, and it seems to manifest much of the time in unforeseen upsets. In this way, the energy can be similar to Uranus, but swelling up from ‘below’ with, for example, not just psychological, but also physical maladies that were kept hidden for a very long time. I would have to see your chart to understand the dynamics of what’s going on for you, but I certainly wish you all the best under all circumstances.

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