Tarot Twos: How to Attain Symmetry, Balance and Duality Without Losing Your Mind

This could so easily be a tarot card.

We began with the Aces, which represent the energy and magic that lie in our own hands when we integrate all of the many skills available to us by divine right of birth.

In an Ace experience, our sole responsibility is to ourselves. We’re alive on the planet, aware of our capabilities, in full possession of our personal power. Aces are the tools The Magician uses in many decks. Translated into real life, each Ace represents skills we must develop, talents we possess, or opportunities available to us.

In the hierarchy of symbolic meaning which underlies the numerology embedded in Tarot, Twos correspond to the energy of the High Priestess. How does the energy of the High Priestess illuminate what we should expect when a Two shows up in a reading? To what extent does the key word ‘symmetry’ help us understand themes in the Twos? Can there ever be the peace of true balance in the Twos, or is the Two experience all about the struggle of dealing with duality and difference, and finding some way to accommodate change?

First there was Adam; it wasn't until Eve was introduced to the Garden that there was dissension. The number two requires negotiation, tolerance, and acceptance of the 'other' referred to in your reading.
First there was Adam; it wasn’t until Eve was introduced to the Garden that there was dissension. The number two requires negotiation, tolerance, and acceptance of the ‘other’ referred to in your reading.

Think about what symmetry means—it implies duality and mirroring. To have two things implies comparison. One is not like the other. If you ever had to write a ‘comparison and contrast’ essay in school, the process of understanding how the Two functions will remind you of that writing task. Our goal, when we see a Two, is to notice similarities and differences, and to weigh and balance possibilities. Should we or shouldn’t we take the opportunity offered to us in the Ace?

Notice how many questions I’m asking? That’s an appropriate energy for the Twos, because Twos imply instability and change, since all is in flux. Twos represent energy that is no longer incipient; it is happening, the offer is in front of you, you are deciding. What will you do? How will you begin to put the pieces together? The offer is no longer on the table, it’s in your hand, and you’re weighing the consequences if you accept.

Duality is implied in the Twos. There are two lovers, two jobs, two directions you could take with your life. If you start a business with Ace energy, the Two will require that you find a partner. Two is a confusing number, for there are options, whereas before, in the Ace, your way was clear: it is associated with the number One, its ruling planet, the Sun. Your task was to act, pure and simple, not doubt yourself. Now, however, things get more complicated.

The number two is associated, through numerology and esoteric lore, with the Moon. The Moon reflects and mirrors; it is cold and mysterious, and its dim light confuses us with possibilities and deceptions.

Reflection symmetry implies that both halves of an object are exactly the same; they are mirrors of one another. If you cut a circle down the middle accurately, the two halves should be precisely the same size.

Exact similarity is not possible in nature, nor in real life, however; the perfection implied in symmetry is impossible to replicate consistently without machinery. We are imperfect for many reasons, but one of the reasons is so we will learn tolerance of others’ foibles.

A hidden message of the Twos is that whereas there was unity of purpose and vision in the Ace, now we’re dealing with differences that will have to be negotiated and accommodated.

Twos are, therefore, troublesome cards at all times, because they require us to seek balance in a situation that privileges duality. Duality, is, by its nature, multiple in points of view. If anyone ever responded to your black and white thinking of either/or by saying no, think in terms of both/and, they were telling you the inherent problem encountered in the Twos.

Two of Wands, Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot. The Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot

The fastest way out of the dilemma posed by situations Twos represent is to be very clear about what you want. Because Twos are a card of the process of attaining balance, remember that they do not promise the situation will become balanced, but that the situation is in flux and requires your ongoing efforts to attain balance. For example, the Two of Swords can represent the mind split by indecision. Which way will the swords cut? Our opponent isn’t alway another person—sometimes it’s ourself.

The Phantomwise Tarot

Because of the hierarchy of the numbering system, the symbolic implication of the number two is that more is required of you to develop the new start of the Ace. In other words, you have more to do before your goal, hope, or project, is settled.

Finally, Tarotteachings.com has this to say about the esoteric meaning of the number two in tarot:

Esoterically, the meaning of number Two is also a numerical representation of Karma. Contrary to popular belief, Karma is does not refer exclusively to destiny. Karma, simply put, refers to cause and effect. The number two represents this universal law of cause and effect.

When contemplating the duality, balance, and karma we may find further insight by asking ourselves:

If my life is the result of my choices (karma) am I pleased with the results? If not, what other choices could I make to alter the effect? What kind of opposites am I experiencing? Do I resist them or embrace them? Am I in harmony or am I split by dualities—always torn between conflicting thoughts? What can I do to integrate my thoughts so they work together, not against each other? You can see from these questions that the meaning of number Two can be deep and complex. The moment we step away from One, we have more to keep track of and contemplate. It is our responsibility to integrate our naturally dualistic nature—allowing our differences to dance lightly—joining into a beautiful union of diversity.

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