Guest Writer: Your Spiritual Journey Through Colors and Crystals

Imagine that no doors or windows are available to close, so you can remain on your path, always leaving the way open.

If you’re preparing for a spiritual journey, stay attuned to nature during the process.

Use the colors of nature to inspire your premonition into the right direction!

Sometimes selecting crystals can assist in your spiritual thought process.

My favorite book for crystals is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I have used it many times to research all of the crystals I suggest here.

I have picked up rocks and kept them since I was four! I have always loved rocks and minerals!

I have chosen Blue chalcedony, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Turquoise as symbols representing what it is I would like to bring in at this time from the energy field.

The crystals can be used as a symbol for healing and attracting or repelling particular energies within the energy field. 

Blue chalcedony

At this particular time, I chose amethyst to provide me with balance and intuition.

I think blue chalcedony is such a beautiful stone. It is said to promote unity amongst people, and good will, and turns sadness into joy. 


Labradorite is a protective stone when “messing with the other dimensions.”

One of the attriubutes of Turquoise is to assist in prohibiting the negative thought patterns we develop from time to time.



Sometimes the stones or symbols will choose us if we are tuned into our senses to listen. We’re sensitive to color, and the energy that comes from colors, and so if you find yourself unconsciously attuning to one color or stone, listen to your instincts. You might find that, with enough research, the reason you’re resonating with this color or stone becomes crystal clear!

This image of Uranus brings Labradorite to mind, doesn’t it?

Uranus and Mercury are both transiting through Aries right now. Look at the sector of your chart where they each transit, because this combination is a good time to trust any inner perceptions you may be having, and put some of those far-out thoughts into fruition if you are considering connecting with a spiritual source.

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