Analysis of the 1st House/7th House Nodal Axis Through the Signs

Self vs. Self. Artist: Seth Scheving, Mixed Media on luan board. Click on the picture to see more.
Self vs. Self. Artist: Seth Scheving, Mixed Media on luan board. Click on the picture to see more.


I find it interesting with the Nodes that no matter how we try to avoid thinking about the issues they bring up, those very issues will haunt us until we actively engage with them.

Part of what drives us to understand the nature of the Nodes is that the behaviors holding us back or pushing us forward are so often predictable problems associated with the signs the Nodes fall in, yet we cannot easily solve them. If you have a problem that you can’t understand, that continues to tug at you or challenge you, it’s tempting to lay it at Saturn’s feet, but unless your Nodes actually aspect Saturn, I’d look to the overall nature of your Nodal axis instead, especially if the issue(s) keep coming up, never seem to resolve, and don’t go away no matter how hard you ‘try’ to change.

The ‘unacknowledged self’ is represented by the South Node, and I’d look here for the ‘dark side’ we all have that is often hardest to see in ourselves, but that exists mostly in the clues given to us by behaviors and mirrors held up to us by people we are magnetized to, who we cannot seem to escape or live without. In that way, the South Node exerts a powerful tug that we really have to question, as repeats of the same person, the same problem, the same situation, recur in our lives. Maybe that tug makes every kind of sense and is good for you.

The warning label that too often comes attached to the South Node is not always absolutely true; we can ‘do’ South Node people and things and retain our integrity. Just be careful—be sure you actually want to be what the South Node tugs you towards, and that you consciously choose it. Usually the Way of the North Node is much, much harder, and will ultimately be worth the endeavor, but that doesn’t mean you must abandon all things or people associated with the South Node.

So important are the Nodes that I often theorize that if you focused solely on them, they could explain your entire life’s issues. This is not the same as creating a draconic chart; but it is simplistic and reductionist, which is why I don’t actually do it, I just think about doing it.

The 1st House is about self-expression, persona, and declaration of self and Self. Who are you? How do you define yourself apart from others? From what I’ve seen, many people with a strong 1st house have no fear of expressing themselves or being what they are; for many, it’s effortless, like breathing in and out. But with the Nodes in this axis, or planets in difficult aspect to this Nodal axis, expressing Self becomes more challenging.

The 1st/7th House Nodal Axis Theme

Allow me to point out the obvious: When Nodes fall in the angular houses (1/7 and 4/10), and, most particularly, when the Nodes fall close to the angles themselves, the issues represented by the overall themes of each house are paramount to your life’s purpose and direction. I suppose you could avoid these themes somehow, or ignore the directional warning-sign messages, but most people’s lives do seem to eventually come up against the issues of their Nodal axis.

For an overall discussion of each house, please look at the links to the ‘astrological houses series’, listed above (look all the way up to the top of the blog). 

The theme of the 1st/7th house axis, as this previous blog entry discusses, is integrating the varying (usually opposite) needs of ‘self’ and ‘other’. To have the Nodes falling in this axis, then, accentuates this theme; but, more importantly, it makes the purpose of your life’s path about relationship. Relationship to your self, and relationship to both the idea of ‘Other,’ and one particular ‘other,’ will define your purpose. Keep in mind, however, that the message of the Nodal axis in the houses must be viewed in relationship with the overall theme of the rest of the chart; no one piece of the chart is ‘the answer.’

Although relationships will frequently interfere with personal accomplishment due to any unresolved 7th house South Node issues, there will be North Node in the 1st house people who overcome the ‘stickiness’ of the 7th house demand to keep others happy, who are then able to become innovators in some field of endeavor.

My research has shown that many 1st house North Node natives tend to stand out for a particular accomplishment that involves doing something completely unexpected; they are often pioneers, forced to break away from any limiting partnerships represented by the South Node in the 7th. The North Node here finds that if he wants to express who he really is, he has to follow his own, self-constructed path.  

Since the 7th house also symbolizes known enemies, keep in mind that, depending on aspects to the South Node in the 7th, one can have rivals aplenty to vanquish before you attain your personal 1st house goals.

ArieswoodcutAries North Node in the 1st: Does the theme of defining yourself in relationship to another get more obvious than this? The challenge will be from your South Node in the 7th, which is a very strong indicator that you haven’t yet given up thinking about other’s needs and opinions.

The problem I have with Libra South Node in the 7th is how easy it is to abandon yourself to the needs of a social group, at the expense of an ego that badly needs to develop and individuate. The South Node in Libra encourages a false mask, one whose ‘niceness’ covers over a vast array of personality issues Aries’ personality type isn’t complex enough to trouble with. Aries says “I am what I am; deal with it.”

It’s Libra that thinks through every possible public relations’-style misunderstanding of what it ‘meant’ as it gazes in the mirror to check its makeup; how will its audience react? That worries the South Node in Libra. The North Node in Aries could not care less; it’s too busy thinking about the next thing it wants to do and be and learn and strive for.

The North Node in Aries will eventually create situations for you that force you to do things for yourself, no matter what your social group says, no matter whether others approve or not. Ordinarily, the challenge with North Node situations is that they will be uncomfortable for a very long time, since egos are resilient little things and resist change.

The resistance here will be that you won’t want to look bad in the eyes of your social group; if you’re used to being a follower, or a leader, for that matter, this North Node will tell you that you need neither to lead or follow, but to go off on your own and find a path no one you know has yet trodden.

Exciting? Well, look at the rest of your chart to see if it supports or challenges that direction. It’s only exciting if you feel ready. Adventures on your own, doing things outside the box—hell, leaving your cul de sac and seeing the world—all these things will be commented on by your Libran-type pals.

What will you do when you’re perceived as ‘rude,’ or isolationist, or too unique? What will you say when they accuse you of selfishness? The South Node in Libra will feel guilty about this for quite awhile until it gets tired of beating itself up for wanting something new.


Taurus North Node in the 1st: The personality is expressed through a Taurus skill-set, as long as the South Node in the 7th in Scorpio has resolved certain psychological issues that allow the Taurus-self to function pragmatically, without the deeper emotional complications Scorpio has the potential to bring with it.

Now, the South Node in Scorpio, no matter which house, represents a true challenge for most people; it’s complicated, to say the least, largely because of how unconscious the deeper emotional states are for the native. Scorpio affecting the 7th house (in any way, not just through the Nodes) means that relationships themselves are of paramount importance to the individual, and will often be the place in life where power struggles work themselves out.

This could be good or bad. Scorpio South Node (or in the 7th house) usually seems to pull the individual into those long, long, long, discussions in the middle of the night about ‘feelings,’ and how you aren’t living up to their hopes, dreams, and expectations. Sounds more like Virgo? Combine these two signs for true middle of the night relationship torture; but I digress. The thing is, Taurus North Node just wants to be good at something—to feel competent, usually by doing something active and, from the Scorpio perspective, relatively ‘simple’.

Starting a business, being a stellar chef, anything to do with Taurus-related stuff, like food, money—comfort of some kind. Growing potatoes; I don’t know. Depending on the business model Taurus comes up with, Scorpio on or in the 7th can be very supportive, and here’s why: You might have a lot of innate knowledge about relationships, about psychology, and be very wise in the Realm of the Personal.

Nonetheless, you’re challenged to put it to good use, and that use has to be pragmatic if you’re going to make your North Node in Taurus live up to its functional, organized, and purposeful Self. The saddest sight in the real world might be a first-house North Node in Taurus who isn’t able to use his skills because his South Node is too psychologically traumatized. When he stops doing all the negative Scorpio stuff that prevents Taurus from getting up to go to work in the morning, he’ll have moved the North Node in Taurus forward on the path.

GeminiwoodcutGemini North Node in the 1st: Intelligence and intellectual ability defines these two Nodes. The question is, how is this intellectual ability expressed? The South Node in Sagittarius has big ideas about how things ‘ought’ to be.

South Node in Sagittarius thinks about a ‘perfect’ world, one in which the Sagittarius-type personality has won something, been in charge of something, and, most importantly, lived Big. In the 7th, the South Node in Sagittarius has had, or is capable of having, “The Perfect” Relationship.

When (and if) the native finds this perfect relationship, s/he is capable of spending megabucks on the whole Fairytale wedding, too often without considering the crucial issues of intellectual compatibility and communication. Yet the North Node’s struggle here is to pull away from the idea(l) of the fairytale marriage or relationship (even if it’s only with the self; living in a fantasy world of incredible intricacy is one mark of the Sagittarius South Node) and function intelligently as a mentor or leader in a real relationship that isn’t necessarily ‘perfect,’ but is intellectually stimulating and based on attainable goals.

Gemini North Node in the 1st asks the individual to develop his/her intellect and express it, hopefully without arrogance. Intellectual ability has to be based on a realistic education, even if that’s only an education you give yourself by reading about current affairs. Until you’ve been bored out of your mind in a relationship burdened by poor communication, you don’t know what the challenge of an air sign North Node in the 1st feels like.

Until you experience sameness, stale ideas, and what I call cul-de-sac thinking, where no one ever thinks a new thought—ever—you’ll understand that breaking out of the rut of a boring 7th house South Node will breathe new life into the North Node in Gemini in the 1st. This North Node will tolerate boredom and lack of communication in relationship until it wakes up to the idea that it’s okay to want more from his or her partner.


Cancer North Node in the 1st: The self is defined through its ability to take care of others and/or itself, but this only sounds easy on the surface. Capricorn South Node is good at holding its cards close to the chest, keeping feelings of all hues to itself. Self-sufficiency is the key term here. Taking care of others comes with a price tag or debt attached. Whenever I think of this South Node, I see Scrooge, the Grinch, or possibly Darth Vader, although he’s a little dark, I admit.

The challenge here is hard to live up to, since cheerful self-sacrifice is a hard row to plow for the best of us. There are some people who are good at being needed; many of these people are North Node in Cancer people, particularly in the 1st. There are women, for example, who identify with being ‘mommy’; men who identify with being ‘daddy’. North Node in Cancer in the 1st means you’re likely to identify with this role, but you’re only going to be cheerful about it if you’ve worked through your 7th house Capricorn stuff.

Maybe you marry some old guy; that’s one way to live out your South Node here, but if you find yourself holding on to your emotions, preaching self-sufficiency, and living alone without even a plant to water, I’d check your 1st house Cancer Node and do a course adjustment. Start slowly, with a succulent, let’s say, and work up from there to something small; maybe a gerbil. Keeping something other than you alive—that’s where to begin.


Leo North Node in the 1st: I’ve known quite a few Important People with North Node here. The thing is, nothing about this combination of Nodes manifests ‘small’. With Aquarius in the 7th, these guys have a lot of friends, with whom they quite often over-identify, in a way that’s similar to the South Node in Libra in the 7th (over-identifying with the group-mind is a hallmark of air sign Nodes, but I’m not picking on them, since each element has its own excesses).

With this combination, both the Other and Self are often idealized. A negatively-expressing 7th house Aquarius Node transforms her friends into a large, impersonal group that exists as a vehicle for the North Node in Leo to express herself. There are many (negative ego-related) dangers here, obviously, but the biggest good that can come out of this combination is for the world to get a great leader who knows how to speak to the ‘people,’ since s/he identifies with real people who have real problems.

Leo in the 1st can be a ‘natural’ leader, but let’s look at what has to be given up to get there: all his nameless, possibly invisible “friends” who ‘approve’ of him. The 7th house South Node in Aquarius can, too easily, be held back by a lack of one or two true friends. The leader s/he needs to be is often squelched by the (otherwise meaningless) voices of his peer group.

The first crisis will happen during his or her adolescence, since Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, responds dramatically to peer pressure. The thing is, this combination of Nodes needs to find the right group to lead. Once again, that sounds easy, but as with any North Node quest, it can be one of the hardest things this person will ever aspire to.

As with all Leo North Nodes, the South Node in Aquarius gifts the native with the likelihood of some particular expression of genius or unique ability. The North Node in the 1st must follow a path of unique expression of that ability; to be like others, particularly for Leo/Aquarius, is akin to dying at the soul level. 1st house North Nodes are going to carve out their own separate path, and Leo/Aquarius’ path will be dramatic in nature, and dramatically different and unlike anyone else’s.

 VirgowoodcutVirgo North Node in the 1st: The quest here is toward capability and skill, and knowledge based on experience and logic. The South Node in Pisces in the 7th functions very differently than does Virgo, so this combination implies that the relationship with the Self might sometimes be sabotaged by emotional issues and partners the North Node person finds hard to understand. For both signs, clarity of purpose is the issue.

Getting bogged down in relationship issues means that the North Node here trips over emotionally-laden terminology s/he will spend years of his or her life trying to understand rationally. This usually means reading a lot of how-to books and reading a lot of advice columns. North Node in the 1st in Virgo has a desire to understand personal experiences through a process of analysis and categorization.

The relationships s/he pursues will often defy being slotted into categories. S/he will be challenged to ‘contain’ her otherwise inexplicable emotions when in relationship to another. Experimentation in an effort to perfect her relationship skills is important to the native, but there’s a ‘danger’ here that the individual keeps trying someone new instead of perfecting the Self.

The other danger is that this person resists relationship altogether in the quest for individualized self-perfection. Pisces South Node carries mystery with it, and will magnetize the North Node into fascinated dumbfounded-ness when confronted with irrationality. Living up to the North Node here often requires a real break with South Node Piscean romanticism, unless the North Node finds a way to live with someone who is very unlike him, in terms of personality types.

This is one of the few Nodal combinations that ends up with the personality having to make a finite decision between one way of being or the other. More than with other signs, you’ll see the South Node in Pisces’ abilities held on to via the partner, who lives out the unrecognized Self. This allows the North Node to exist in the relationship as an observer. True understanding of the partner is difficult, and that’s the real challenge for this North Node: understanding the other without critique, commentary, or disdain. The North Node here also might pursue ‘perfection’ in the relationship at the cost of its sentimental, romantic self.


Libra North Node in the 1st: The theme here is the struggle to define Self and Other and then have these two very different realities coexist. Developing North Node abilities means that the South Node in Aries in the 7th house will eventually have to learn how to share.

All of the things that don’t come naturally to Aries South Node—sharing, being overlooked, coming last—are lived out in personal relationships, and boy, let me tell you, you’re not popular, but South Node in Aries usually doesn’t care until the North Node in Libra begins to realize just how unpopular s/he really is.

That’s when the Self, the watcher who patrols our innermost reality, starts to wake up and take responsibility for South Node Aries’ inability to make concessions in relationships. Libra North Node will want to be liked, never more so than in the 1st. The 1st house North Node under all circumstances means that the person identifies, or will identify, eventually, with the qualities of the North Node.

Libra, by its very nature wants to get along with people, and doesn’t do well if she suspects (or worse, knows) others don’t l
ike her.
The thing is, Aries South Node is, under all circumstances, one of the most difficult South Nodes to have in relationships, since Aries, by its very nature, wants what it wants, and getting along with you for the sake of the relationship does not compute in Aries South Node’s brain, unless the rest of the chart supports the desire to be in a relationship in the first place.

As far as this South Node is concerned, he can get along without you just fine. When it comes to relationships, this particular combination is the most challenging; the 1st/7th house axis combined with Libra/Aries Nodes requires the most work on the Self. Relationships are hard under all circumstances over the long term; with this combination, the life purpose is to find a way to be in one and make it work. That’s all.

ScorpioScorpio North Node in the 1st: The Self is challenged to express its power in relationships without entirely dominating, controlling, or smothering the partner. This requires finesse, which is learned over time, and a lot of self-inflicted angst in relationships.

The South Node in Taurus in the 7th has a lot of trouble letting go of old relationship patterns, and might even have trouble letting go of old relationships, lovers, and exes. The North Node here is tugged toward self-examination, self-awareness, and transformation. The South Node is just as powerful, though; it tugs the personality towards its habits.

The habits here lean towards the predictable, the comfortable, and the known. This usually means, in the 7th house, people who don’t cause the individual a lot of stress. For most people, this means disallowing the North Node to spend a lot of time in introspection, since introspection is difficult and stressful.

Self-awareness, the kind that Scorpio is capable of, will be the challenge for this North Node. Self-awareness can only benefit relationships, but under any circumstances, the individual should be encouraged to know him or herself with this Nodal axis, since s/he must beware the unexamined life. With Taurus South Node in the 7th, if you insist on leading an unexamined life, don’t be surprised if similarly unaware people clutter up your existence, since you’re drawing them to you.

SagwoodcutSagittarius North Node in the 1st: The path here might be literal, in that a developing North Node personality in Sagittarius might very well become a tour guide or teacher of some kind, living perpetually in movement, on the road, or with their head buried in a book.

The goal here for the native is to learn how to point followers and students on the right road for the sake of learning. Because of their devotion to knowledge and truth, this North Node position might generate quite a following, but their followers might not always be sincere in their motivations. Will this particular Nodal combination in the 1st ever settle down to one specific relationship?

It’s entirely likely that the quest itself will be paramount for this person, especially if the South Node in Gemini in the 7th is in aspect to planets in mutable signs, or the ruler of the 7th house cusp is mutable (Gemini). Since the purpose of this particular North Node is to seek a greater understanding of Self on its own self-appointed path and transmit that knowledge to anyone who’ll follow along, the person (or more likely, persons) they find to share their lives with will have to let this individual go, or be prepared to join them on the hiking trail of life.

The South Node in Gemini in the 7th is capable of being a happy-go-lucky, scattered, charming and cheerful combination, so that past relationships have little long-term meaning, there’s not a lot of sentimentality, and everyone who’s willing remains this person’s friend.

The danger here is lack of depth of feeling; these Nodes are often too busy having a good time finding the next adventure or activity to worry too much about the other person’s needs or deeper, unexplored feelings. What matters is having fun, learning about the self, and activity; it’s not, on its own, a deeply introspective Nodal combination, but of course, this could be contradicted by the rest of the chart.

Challenges to this 1st House North Node come from people who threaten to pull him or her off the chosen path; you’d better have a compelling rationale why they shouldn’t follow that rainbow, otherwise they’re outta here. My experience with this combination is that if you tag along behind them you’ll do just fine; but most North Node Sagittarius people will push you out of the way if you interfere with their goals. You might get a postcard from some faraway location, but it’s not likely to say “wish you were here” and mean it if you’ve proven too difficult or demanding of their time and attention.

Conversely, show them how exciting the next mountain top looks, and they might follow you. For this Nodal combination, process is more important than product, the journey more important than arrival, so you might be in a long-term, go-nowhere relationship for a very long time, since commitment is a skill North Node in Sagittarius is being challenged to learn the value of.

CapCapricorn North Node in the 1st: The self pushes this Nodal axis towards achievement and ambition, but the Self, which is another way of saying the esoteric personality that always aspires to nobility of purpose, is forced to remember everyone who supported him or her along the way.

If you wanted to roll out a quick and dirty path toward ‘solving’ the ‘problem’ this nodal axis often presents, it would be to make your aspirations in life line up with taking care of old people or children. It’s not more complicated than that. But wait. Life is always more complicated than that. People with this Nodal axis often find older relatives to be a burden; or that family, the wife and kids, prevent them from ‘getting ahead’, yet the native can’t stop helping people who need them.

Friends seem to require more care than one ‘should’ have to give. The key to this particular Nodal axis is not to let your compassion overwhelm you. Your lover shouldn’t be your child, nor should you be your wife’s baby. If you’re going to attain everything the North Node in Capricorn would like to lead you towards, you’re going to have to give up the excessive neediness, or, conversely, the excessive giving.

The best use of North Node in Capricorn in the 1st energy is to be the Rock of Gibraltar others look to you to be; fulfill your obligations and find a path that balances out either your, or the other’s, emotional needs, with your duties. The potential downfall to this combination is how grim North Node in Capricorn can be if it’s overburdened. It’s entirely possible that what nobility looks like in this house is a stiff upper lip in the face of troubles, but if so, then the other will be asked to take some of the burden off this beleaguered person.

Any time you find Capricorn combined with the 1st house, it can be difficult to get these guys to delegate, so if you see this combination resembling Scrooge, look to see if they are ignoring their bas
ic emotional needs. Once this combination stops leaning too heavily on family and friends every time they get scared, relationship issues usually begin to resolve, but it can take a very long time for them to learn the self-containment and self-reliance North Node in Capricorn in the 1st is pushing them towards.

Capricorn/Cancer in the 1st-7th house axis is one of the more difficult combinations to have when it comes to expressing emotions smoothly in relationships, and it might be necessary to have a big discussion about getting family issues from the past (South Node in Cancer in the 7th) resolved via therapy before one undertakes a marriage or other permanent bond. If you think what I just said belongs in the 4th house, realize that South Node in Cancer brings with it family-related issues with the potential to poison its future relationships if what they learned to believe about themselves early in life isn’t addressed consciously in adulthood.


Aquarius North Node in the 1st: This is such an interesting, and one could even say, confounding combination, because the 1st house, amongst other issues, is ‘about’ the individual, yet the Aquarian version of individuality usually incorporates the wide world of Other People.

So who, precisely, is this North Node person in a personal, one-on-one relationship? Is this person ever going to be truly happy sharing their World Stage limelight with one other person? I think a great deal depends on how this person was treated in childhood; were their needs for attention met?

If the South Node in Leo is carrying a large narcissistic wound, where they did not get the attention they needed (and deserved) or, conversely, were given attention, but for achievement the native felt was undeserved or unwanted, the North Node will find it difficult to relate to groups. The identity is formed around empty achievement, at the negative end, or on unique forms of creativity, at the positive end of the spectrum of possibilities.

If the South Node in Leo feels good about itself, and its attainments (it feels it deserved the kudos and acclaim) the greater the likelihood the North Node will be able to share this developed Self. If the South Node experience was damaging, though, the Aquarius persona carried around in the 1st house, in relationship to self and others, will appear false, a brittle, fake mask hiding the lack of self-esteem.

In personal relationships, this Nodal Axis has the potential to give too much to the other, since Leo is known for its generosity, but Aquarius does really see the broader picture and feels more comfortable living on a larger world-stage, so if you abandon others to your larger vision, and take care of the Group needs (through volunteering, getting involved in politics, philanthropy) but ignore your significant other, you’re off the path.

The goal is to integrate Leo’s personal warmth with Aquarius’ ability to see what everyone needs. In this way, this combination can function to the satisfaction of everyone, and Aquarius’ sense of self as the good guy everyone loves will be based on factual evidence rather than self-aggrandizing wishful thinking. This Nodal combination, by the way, makes for the ideal politician, particularly if s/he attracts a 7th house spouse who agrees with the larger philosophical principles Aquarius’ North Node believes in.

The 1st/7th house axis, aside from the Nodal axis, is always looking for a “spouse” or partner who makes the 1st house person look good, and with the North Node here, looking good isn’t just about upgrading one’s appearance or behaviors; it’s also about living up to Aquarian-style personal ideals.


Pisces North Node in the 1st: Sacrifice and hard work are themes in this Nodal axis. The South Node in Virgo brings with it the belief that relationships require work, and the North Node won’t be happy until it has subsumed its personal needs into the needs of the other.

Possibly no other Nodal axis has the potential to get it so right, or, in the worst case scenario, so terribly wrong, to keep a relationship going. What do they get right? Well, it’s true that if a relationship is going to work long-term, both people need to learn how to sacrifice some of their own selfish needs for the sake of what they’re both trying to build together.

That’s a growth and maturity process most people learn over time in a long-term marriage, and it’s a skill that the South Node in Virgo in the 7th has a great likelihood of having achieved. However, self-sacrifice isn’t necessarily the most pleasant way of developing the Self, so the issue of defining one’s self and Self becomes acute with Pisces North Node.

Should these people aspire to be Mother Theresa in this lifetime? It’s a very difficult path to walk, particularly because the identity forms around the issues of sacrifice and self-abnegation. Not all relationships are about romance, so these people will most likely be attracted to people who make them work hard, but for whom they can “long,” as Pisces likes to do; it beats having a relationship with a real person, because real people are Hard Work.

Sometimes, this Nodal axis begets an attraction to relationships that become a kind of unattainable Holy Grail, particularly if the native is in the middle of developing the Piscean North Node’s ability to emotionally bond with another without actually needing to touch them. In the 1st, the North Node becomes giving in a distant, “I need nothing but to gaze upon you” kind of way.

Romance then becomes a process of describing dreams and colors, writing poetry, etc. It’s lovely, and since it is part of the Piscean North Node need to develop his artistic, dreamy, poetical abilities, this behavior functions as a signpost pointing the Self toward a lovely, loving personality that buds like a red rose in bloom.

South Node in Virgo in the 7th might be attracted to people who are a lot of work. The people the Virgo Node magnetizes run the gamut from dependable, earth-sign types who also know the meaning of hard work, to difficult, ranting shrews who pound on the floorboards with their cane, waiting for you to come and empty their bedpan. Pisces North Node is trying to lead you towards an awareness of the Other’s essence, disembodied, formless, existing in potential and spirit; but South Node Virgo reminds you, relentlessly, that human beings come with bodies and physical ailments and demands.

The North Node might over-identify him or herself as a temperamental Creative Artist or poet and disavow anyone who makes any real-world demands upon him. The problem is, this particular Nodal Axis attempts to balance two very different energies. One is balancing the checkbook while the other is balancing its chakras.

This Nodal combination, because of the very obvious differences in values, also has the greatest potential, in my opinion, for psychological splitting, projecting off expectations attached to one Node or the other. The other is then demonized. Sometimes, for the Pisces North Node to survive and develop, s/he must disavow people from her Virgo South Node past, especially toxic lovers and exes with substance abuse problems.

Usually, of course, Pisces is too kind to do this consciously, and so drifts off, wondering why you haven’t written or called; when in fact, she was so busy ignoring the phone she didn’t realize you’d given up trying to be in relationship with her at all. South Node in Virgo won’t give up even the most difficult relationship, usually, but eventually, something in the North Node Pisces will “evolve” past you, until you drift apart.

From the North Node’s perspective, it’s kinder than telling you the truth, which is that you were just too damned much trouble, and how can the Pisces North Node write her poetry while you keep nagging for your tea? Integration here comes on little cat feet. There will come a day when the Pisces North Node identifies himself with all the caring little attentive details Pisces is capable of; and, at the same time, doesn’t abandon the relationship because too much is asked of him and it’s all too much trouble. A truly developed North Node in Pisces shows up—both physically and emotionally—for the loved one.

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  1. Hi Alison,
    How do you read the SN Libra 1st conjunct Neptune 5 degrees?It trines N-Venus 5th & Venus rules the Libra ASC.


    1. I think that the combination of Venus and Neptune with the 1st house tells you that where you’re coming from and skills you’ve already developed (and possibly need to jettison some of) have to do with how Venus and Neptune combine to form your persona, the self you show the world, and the Self you believe yourself to be. You might feel like you identify not only with a Libran style of being, but that you also feel more Venusian and Neptunian in some ways.

      Essentially, you’ve got a few self-reifying pieces of information: The ASC ruler aspects the South Node and Neptune, and the SN is in the 1st and is ruled by the ASC ruler, conjunct Neptune. That combines a lot of Venus/Libra 1st house/Neptune energy. Venus, Libra, Neptune, South Node, ASC, all at once. The question would be, what is your process for letting go of ideas about the self you should project or “be” in relationship(s) and in your life?

      I would also consider how you think you express the Neptune/Venus combination, since the ruler of your chart also aspects Neptune. That these are both combined with the SN says that at least some of this is probably an issue for you, since the SN never seems to be purely benign.

  2. Hi Allison,
    Moira posted your link to the nodes in Google+ Astrology,and as i reread,i was reminded of the aspects in play as this April 15 eclipse and magnanimous G cross forms and it’s impact on me.Mercury/Uranus are conjunct my NN as Mars conjuncts the SN.Themes for the Venus/Neptune/SN/NN/1st/7th placements & aspects are definitively in play.The SN being the focus of my contemplation’s,and bracing for the Mercury/Uranus infusion.

      1. Hi Allison,I thought you had my chart,so to simplify-Dec 26 1949-11:45 pm-Cambridge England.I fear not those who would abuse this,so i’m ok with it.

  3. HI Allison..what if the south node is in the 1st house.Will this person be very detached in life?Whats the path that this person has to follow in this life? Are such people self centered and egoistic and that they have to shed this very nature of them in this life. Please clarify.

    1. I’m afraid this really isn’t enough information to determine someone’s course through life. You’d have to look at the rest of the chart to determine how self-centered or egoistic that person could be. The fact of the South Node location on its own isn’t enough to say that the person will be held back in life by one specific quality or characteristic. Much is going to depend on all the rest of the details you’d need to look at, like aspects to the Nodes, signs involved, rulerships, etc. The South Node in the 1st house will not always be, reliably and predictably, self-centered AND egoistic, and therefore selfish. They might well be reliably self-conscious or self-aware; the focus of the South Node in the 1st is likely (but not guaranteed) to make one especially aware of the self, but that on its own isn’t selfish or bad. When we get to the North Node in the 7th we’ll talk more about this dynamic.

      1. Thanks for replying Allison! I agree it gives the person lot of self consciousness.. Do you mean physical self consciousness or fear of being judged?
        I’m really looking forward to your post on north node in 7th! The previous post gave lots of insight. Interestingly my partner and i have the nodes in 7th/1st and 1st/7th axis respectively. By any chance does this mean our major focus in this life would be to help each other grow and evolve?

        1. This really isn’t enough information to go on… I’m sorry. For one thing, I’d have to see the synastry, and whether or not your nodes interact with each other, which houses might be involved in the synastry and if your nodes affect each other in ways you might not have predicted just from the nodal houses alone. If you find that you are concerned with relationships in general, that would not surprise me, given the 1/7 axis, but having similar nodes unfortunately doesn’t tell me much, especially since I don’t know the signs of the nodes and whether or not your natal nodes are aspected by anything; or for that matter, how the rulers of the nodal signs are aspected. The specifics of a major focus in the lifetime is shown by more than the nodes, in other words. You’d be surprised at how many charts do not show the person actually doing what the nodes suggest they should be doing in this life to fulfill the North Node’s “contract” with one’s ‘destiny’ or fate, whatever you want to call it. People are frequently living out of their South Node, just like you’d live out of a suitcase if you were on a long trip, taking out the same clothes and never washing them properly.

  4. Hi Alison, I arrived to this post because I have NN in Libra in the 1st house at 24°15’. I’m already 39 years old and haven’t been able to find a compatible partner or have a long-term relationship. My longest relationship lasted 5 years and was very dysfunctional. This theme of relationships in my life has been central and it captures my attention all the time. It feels as if the other issues in my life are only the background to this one, always secondary. The story is about incompatibility, and always being attracted to the wrong guy. So, I am aware of it, but how can I transcend it? Is it possible in this life? Or, am I condemned to staying single for the rest of my life? To top it off, I have Pluto in Libra at 11° 58’. I spend what for me seem long periods on singleness and then when someone comes along I am so desperate to be in a relationship that I don’t stop to think if the person is compatible, so I just through myself in the relationship. But, compatible partners don’t come my way or so I feel. Once in the relationship, as you clearly say it, I always find a good reason to break up, and they are always well-founded reasons, from my point of view… but then again these are incompatible partners. I always choose the wrong guy. My therapist thinks that I should focus on working on myself and only then will I be able to see the right guys. She thinks they are there but I don’t see them because I vibrate in a different wave length. But I’ve been hearing this discourse of learning to love my self so I do not need to look for love in the outside since I was 22! And I am kind of sick of it because it’s been 17 years trying to do that consciously and I still don’t get it. I am supposed to provide myself with love, affection, sexual satisfaction, stability, tenderness, fun, support, romance. Seriously?! I’ve been going to alternative therapies for almost 20 years, this theme has come up since then and although I am aware of this, of the fact that this is what I came to learn, I have not been able to, or to get out of the wrong behavioral patterns, as you clearly state on this post. When I found this post, I felt relieved. It means I don’t get it because I came to this life to not get it. It is not that I haven’t tried hard enough. But then, as I realized what it really means, I just feel so hopeless!

    1. I always think it’s really valuable to write down this kind of concern, because the process of writing something requires you to bring certain ways of thinking to the surface. That way, you have a greater chance to be able to more clearly see the patterns you’re living out through habit, usually, but also, you are revealing your inner talk, which ‘secretly’ runs you, and doesn’t necessarily reflect what could be, who you are, or what you’re capable of, as much as it reflects a number of ideas and beliefs you have picked up along the way, and now seem to be ‘the truth.’

      Obviously, of course, I completely reject this notion, that our negative inner talk actually reflects ‘the truth’ of our situation or our lives, largely because we can break out of our habits, although it takes a conscious effort of will to do so. People talk about ending habits like smoking or biting one’s nails, but the people who succeed only do so because they decide this is what they want, that having a new life is more important to them than fulfilling the need of the moment.

      So you will break this cycle, because your soul cries out for evolution, and because, relying on a visual metaphor, babies eventually learn one way or another that they don’t want to sit in their dirty diaper forever. In other words, it’s time to move on to the next step, and the only way I’ve found to do that is to tell your unconscious or conscious train of thought to shut up every time a new opportunity to meet someone nice comes up, and to consciously force yourself out of your negative but comfortable, because it’s known, comfort-zone of self-absorbed pleasure, and, for example, think about what someone else wants first, what would make someone else happy. You can do this the slow way, and go volunteer at nursing homes, or you can accomplish this the fast and dirty way, by forcing yourself to do things differently than you’ve done them up to now.

      As for the astrology of this, you’ve had Pluto squaring your natal Pluto long enough that the message is really finally starting to get through, which is that you must evolve or on so many levels, you die. This is why I use the baby/diaper metaphor, because as long as you perpetuate the negative voice, you are, in a way, sitting in your own shit. 😉 Which is toxic. Which is why you must grow. The “wavelength” you’re vibrating in is at the pitch of a funeral dirge, if you ask me.

      Don’t settle for less. Force yourself to be in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer, cause believe me, it’s short. Sounds like your baby-self is scared, so sometimes we just have to take the leap and trust in the power of our higher knowing to get us to the next place. Good luck and best wishes!

      BTW, I am deliberately smacking you around to motivate you, because you already have a therapist and it’s their job to hold your hand and give you all the time in the world to figure this stuff out on your own, which is what s/he means by telling you to “work on yourself.” S/he’s not wrong; everything that’s wrong with any of us begins inside our heads, and boils down to what we tell ourselves about ourselves. Only you have the power to unlock yourself from your mental prison.

  5. Hi Alison, it’s been almost a year since I reached out to you and received your response. I just wanted to say thank you for replying and for giving me advice. It was hard to get, but I appreciated it. During this year, I have focused on assuming my NN in Libra in the 1st, working on myself more than ever, trying not to forget the other and being open to opportunities. Still single, but I guess it will just take time for me to get ready to the right person.

    1. Hello, Silvia! Thanks for getting in touch. I do think the NN in Libra is very hard; one can spend a significant amount of time alone, it seems. Relating and relationships do seem to provide a huge learning curve. Don’t forget that this is a particularly difficult time for Cardinal signs, with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. Jupiter is now in Libra though, and I hope it hits your NN and brings a positive change. In my experience, the hardest months of any long-term transit such as Uranus and Pluto are those which also bring transiting personal planets into focus, specifically when they square or oppose one’s Cardinal nodal axis. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  6. I just have to say I have very difficult controversial and maybe compromising aspects to my nodal axis. For one, I have the 1st/7th house focus for my axis and from Virgo to Pisces Respectively. What’s a little troubling or head scratching is the fact that I have a major hard to ignore stellium of personal planets all in Pisces. This includes my sun, mars, mercury, and Saturn. They’re all conjunct to my south Node. Does that sound perplexing to you? Your suns journey I heard is the process of merging your Soul with the characteristics of the sign it’s positioned in. Your moon is your most basic intuitive nature. It’s what you find natural and comfortable with how you express yourself. What’s crazier is that my Moon was in Virgo!!! The time of my birth. I was born on a full moon!! I feel like my life is special it has this tinge to it. My life is interlocked to some blatant purpose. I feel split between two roads that both have a lot to offer. I’m at a fork in the road with the contradicting aspects to my nodes. I’m in fact a very complicating person, could I defy astrological systematic readings?? Because I’m a completely different case. It’s not like my life is tied with a another soul I’m deeply bound to which I made a contract with to who i was tied to my past south node and has influence to my north node (or even south node?) to redirect me and my life’s mission. A soulmate sent to help do work with me?

    1. As with all charts, I’d have to see the details. However, I personally don’t see any chart as perplexing. One just needs to spend time with the chart and assess its overall theme.

      People born with the Sun/Moon opposition in conjunction (up to a 10 degree orb with the Lights, as the Sun and Moon are called) with the nodal axis are born during a Lunar eclipse. You might want to look up eclipses to see how your Lunar eclipse can affect your chart, and look here as well

      It sounds to me like you’re perplexed, and I can understand that unless you know what the theme of your chart is, you’re going to feel torn in more than two directions. This is also a side-effect of oppositions, of course; you’ve got at least a preliminary theme of having to learn how to balance the themes of relating/being on one’s own of the 1/7 axis.

      Then you’ve got planets conjunct South Node in Pisces, and that might indicate a fair amount of self-absorption. I’d suggest you are possibly perplexed because the purpose of your Virgo NN + Moon has not shown itself to you yet. This might take time, if you’re young, and if you’re older and you’ve been living with this for awhile, then you’re most likely standing in your own light.

      I personally do not believe in a “sun’s journey.” How do you merge your “soul” with the characteristics of the sign it’s posited in? That could never be a conscious decision. North Node in Virgo, on the other hand, might need to think that Soul and consciousness are somehow separate. I don’t know the degree of your Moon in Virgo, or the degrees of your SN + Pisces planets, so I don’t know which planet/s are holding on to you, but something in there is ‘confusing’ you the way only Neptune can, and since Neptune rules your Pisces planets, I’d ask myself why I believe I’m not already on my path?

      What evidence do you have that you cannot live with two fundamental realities, whatever they are? You can do both, or find a way to balance or integrate these energies. Is the issue how do I move into my Virgo NN? That is a self-dependent combination of energies, for one thing. Where Pisces SN in the 7th will want to hold on to relating as somehow more important than self, in this case, your Pisces planets are possibly preventing you from seeing your path clearly.

      I have said in some of the posts that South Node conjunct a stellium (and I have seen many charts with this combination) will almost always outweigh the North Node intentions unless you make a strong and conscious effort to pull away. One thing you’ve said that indicates to me that Pisces energy dominates your thinking is that you’re perplexed. What is the nature of the two roads you’re thinking of? Write out for yourself what you want to accomplish in your lifetime. See if you are already on the NN Virgo path.

      By the way, don’t make this more complicated for yourself than it is. With NN in Virgo in the 1st, your life goal does not have to be tied up with Soul or finding a soulmate. That’s your 7th house Pisces planets talking, and though one doesn’t necessarily need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, and entirely ignore your SN, the goal now is find mental clarity and focus. My suggestion is to take words like ‘perplexed’ out of your vocabulary. Pisces and Neptune are perplexed only because they are trying to come into Virgo’s need for concrete labels, details that Pisces on its own doesn’t need.

      Virgo finds mental clarity through self-awareness. Let go, if only temporarily, of ideas like ‘soul,’ and look for specific jobs or work you can do to help others. Virgo fulfills its contract to Soul by serving others. Start there. Stop thinking so much about yourself, a common Pisces problem, and start thinking about skills you have that will benefit others. Best wishes.

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