Composite Chart Series: The Fifth House Sun

“The Kiss,” Gustav Klimt. I’ve seen this up close; Klimt used gold leaf, which shines with a subtle gleam in the ambient light at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, Austria.


Creation and creativity are 5th house keywords, and everything that stems from acts of creation are therefore applicable to this house.  The Sun is associated with this house, and it is here we must pause for caution, since the Sun can bring life, as in the Spring, when flowers blossom forth once more from the cold, seemingly lifeless earth. Yet the Sun can also kill, scorching the ground, removing moisture from the earth, turning what was once fecund soil into a desert.

The myth of Helios, Titan god of the Sun, can tell us a great deal about the nature of the 5th house experience.  Helios had a reputation in Ancient Greece as the source of all knowledge (but not necessarily all wisdom) since in his role as driver of the solar chariot, he saw everything going on beneath him.

The relationship with one’s father is the key to an understanding of what the individual brings to the 5th house experience. Whether you are male or female, the Sun brings its masculine influence to the chart, and indicates how you experienced your father, how bits and pieces of his genetic heritage shine through in your life as you undergo the process of individuating.

The influence of the Sun and its connection with the 5th house is part of the larger ‘why’ the 5th/11th axis is so complicated, and why it can be so hard to understand when what ‘should’ be a positive influence goes so badly wrong. It’s not that the father is blamed for anything or everything; the point is to see how you perceive your father; how you introjected the idea of the father; and, as you get older, how you learn to accept (or not) your father’s influence on your life.

Positive expressions of creativity and creation will be seen in the individual chart by looking at the condition of the Sun and the sign and its influencing planet on the cusp of the 5th house. If you have Leo on the cusp of the 5th house (its so-called ‘natural’ ruler) then the Sun actually does rule the 5th, and you would look at the condition of your natal Sun with perhaps a heightened sense of interest.

You might also be able to get a sense of whether or not you are capable of fecundity/fertility, for there are ‘dry’ signs and ‘wet’ signs that will influence your likelihood of creating progeny.  At the same time, on a mundane level, the sign on the 5th house cusp will also have an effect on how you receive someone else’s acts of creativity, and I use the word ‘creativity’ very loosely, as in, will you get pregnant with that person? Look to see how their planets fall in your 5th (acts of creation, i.e., pregnancy, occur in the 5th).

Broadly speaking, I believe one can apply the concept of ‘eros’ (not the asteroid, not the son of Aphrodite, the philosophical concept) to the 5th house, since Eros was considered by the Ancient Greeks to be the primal force of creation. Eros was the primordial god (protogenos) of procreation who emerged self-formed at the dawn of creation. He was the driving force behind the generation of new life in the cosmos, and therefore deserves a seat at the table when we’re talking about the nature of the 5th house and its association with creation and creativity.

Since the primordial force represented by Eros eventually morphed into an understanding that it was this force, the universal force of ‘love,’ that lights the heart (and that this is a good thing), this is when I start to think about how the 5th house became associated with romance.

Therefore, we can apply the principles of Eros as creator and source of love (universal love being a primordial, pre-existing energy that keeps us alive) to your 5th house. Keep in mind that as we live our lives now, Eros as passionate love or ‘romance’ is only one step on the continuum of creation. We see ‘romance’ enacted in nature and it is, of course, a euphemism for sex leading to procreation, since the primordial force of ‘love’ has to do with creating the urge that leads to survival of the species.

I’m sure there are animals in nature who feel ‘romantic,’ but as far as we know so far, it’s mostly humans who care the most about ‘romance’ and what it ‘means,’ and imbue what are, fundamentally, acts of survival, with sentimentality. In other words, we think about romance and sort of draw it out, instead of just cutting to the chase, which we mostly see as rude, especially on Valentine’s Day.

I’ll tell you what it means; it means “precursor to procreation.” Don’t overcomplicate this. If you’re talking about ‘falling in love,’ remember the extent to which that is largely out of our control, a psychological/physiological/hormonal process that is probably (as far as I can understand it) based almost completely on scientific stuff like pheromones.

As an astrologer, if you want to talk about love as it pertains to what we like to think of as romance, I’d look elsewhere, mostly to Venus and aspects to Venus, and Moon and aspects to Moon. Romance is constructed around emotions. The 5th house is not about emotions, per se, although it can be with some signs on its cusp.

What the 5th house in the individual chart tells me, therefore, based on the sign and its ruler on the cusp (and how those influences are aspected in the natal chart) is that heritage from the father’s side of the family is going to have a lot to do with how one lives out one’s creativity, and where your idea of how you create at every level of your life comes from. What you do with your idea of creation from that point is the question.

So let’s see how we apply what we know about creativity and creation to the 5th house composite experience. As with any house where we find the Sun in the composite, there is an essential nature to that house—there is a reason you entered this particular relationship, and that reason, which is often beyond one’s immediate understanding, hides behind the veil of what the house is ‘about.’

The Composite 5th House Sun

The 5th house, being ‘about’ creativity, often begins with the couple meeting, as they say these days, “cute.” This can mean that the two are set up by their friends and have that ‘blind date’ where neither knows the other (an 11th house influence on the 5th house if ever there was one) but feel like they’ve known each other forever. People “meet cute” in any number of romantic movies; sometimes, in real life, this really does happen, and it can feel magical at the time, since it is a rare event in most people’s lives.

The 5th house is therefore a ‘romantic’ house, in the sense that much that we do not really understand about ourselves that is nonetheless ‘destined’ or appears ‘lucky’ happens without our conscious knowledge, but in fact has to do with the energy of ‘making things happen’ that is part of the 5th house’s purpose. The act of creation  relies on raw energy, and of course, the 5th is associated with heat, fire, the energy of the Sun, etc.

Romance does not happen without a ‘flame’ being lit in each person’s heart. In fact, one might say that the essence of romance itself is to create a relationship, based on some kind of desire to be together, between strangers. Are these strangers compatible? They might be, they might not be, but the 5th house is not about long-term compatibility, it’s about the inspiration that brings two people together.

The 5th house, in its role in one’s life of fomenting creation, means that the two might have some form of creativity in common—perhaps they are both theatre majors when they meet in college, or maybe they’re artists, or are pursuing some kind of vocation or avocation related to obvious forms of creativity.  They might simply have an appreciation of music in common.

In almost every composite Sun I’ve seen, the house it falls in tells its own story about the reason the two people came together in the first place, but the interpretations can require great subtlety, because the reason isn’t always obviously ‘about’ the nature of the house. That means that some of these composite Sun relationships take time to develop.

And then there are 5th house composite Suns, which tend to be in your face about their existence. The two met at a party, a bar, with friends, because of friends, etc.—anywhere having to do with Eros, the life-giving energy. Let’s put it this way: 5th house Sun composite people rarely seem to meet in libraries or funeral parlors. You show me a 5th house composite of two people who met in a hospital, and I will give you #respect.

Finally, because of the nature of the 5th/11th house axis, either the 5th or 11th house composite relationship might exist for the purpose of breaking rules or breaking with the past and tradition. Very simply, creation is not a governable force; Eros on its own is not governable. People who behave like forces of nature are not renowned for making others comfortable.

There’s too much of the Helios/Ouranos influence on these houses (which I comprehend as hard, inflexible, masculine energies) for the couple to have much flexibility, both with each other and with the world. Egos run very high here, and therefore the 5th house composite Sun is not guaranteed to survive very long.

Other influences in the charts will have to be developed. Maturity is the real issue in this house, and if the two get together too young, they will either stay together and help each other learn how to mature, or they will be broken apart by all the excess energy that surrounds the 5th house.

This is not a ‘tame’ house; it is not like the 4th house, which is concerned with home and hearth and ultimately seeks peace, order and stability. The natal charts will tell you how well each person navigates the more challenging issues of this house, which will usually revolve around ego issues, particularly as they relate to individuality and acts of creation.

Progeny are not guaranteed here, although of course most people seem to expect to have children at some point in their lives. Marriage is also not what this house is about. Understand, therefore, that romance does not equal compatibility, and you need compatibility for the marriage to survive (as well as resilience, maturity, and fortitude).

To fully understand the nature of the 5th house, and what it means to have Sun in composite there, one must analyze what one thinks and believes about the act of creation and creativity itself.  There are a lot of myths about creativity, but the reality is that creativity requires—in fact, demands—a kind of intellectual restlessness that forces creative people to poke and prod and disturb the status quo.

Before we move on, let’s sweep up a little and put some things away. For those looking for high romance from the 5th house, keep in mind that you bring your problems and personality disorders with you to your love relationships. The happiness quotient of a 5th house composite Sun is not guaranteed just because astrological mythology says it’s the house of hand-holding-hand romance.

But because I know you want Valentines and rainbows and big white smiles, a recent 5th house composite example that’s come up is that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who look very happy right now. Yet they have an exact Sun/Uranus square in that composite with Aries rising (while Uranus is transiting over their ASC and into the 1st house, defining the relationship as distinctive and unique, rule-breaking, new, and pioneering).

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All of this in a chart heavily balanced toward awareness of others (see all those planets on the Western side of the chart?). This implies that reality intervenes and politics rears its ugly head and their dream of creating a new paradigm meets with resistance. Even their Venus/Mars conjunction (regarding lovey-dovey stuff) is posited in the 6th, house of working for others (presumably in service to their public).

They might be on the cutting edge of the new paradigm for the royals, but they will probably end up with a bit of a fight on their hands as long as the older generation is still alive (I’m thinking here of Prince Phillip, Harry’s grandfather, an irascible old coot who isn’t afraid of being old-school prejudiced and nasty).

Theirs is a very demanding 5/11 axis relationship, in that the cusp of the 5th is Leo, the 11th Aquarius. This puts the focus or purpose of the ‘romance’ on breaking old rules, or redefining royalty as it has been known, and yet at the same time carrying on certain traditions they won’t be able to avoid, but will no doubt transform, with Scorpio energy prominent.

There are links above to click on if you’re interested. 

Harry chafes at the rules he inherited at birth, with Gemini on his 5th house cusp and Uranus conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in his 11th—no wonder he chose as his bride a woman so very different than the norms he was raised within. There is a sense of thumbing one’s nose at tradition that I suspect is quite deliberate, but it does make me wonder if he “loves” her, as much as he is rebelling against the constraints he was raised with.

Unconsciously, is she a weapon for him to get revenge? He has a wide Moon/Saturn opposition from the 4th to the 9th, close to his Scorpio Midheaven, while Meghan’s Scorpio Uranus falls in his 10th, the house I associate (as have others) with traditional marriage. Their challenge is going to be holding on to the romance that presumably brought them together, although this is why I find the word and idea of ‘romance’ very limiting, and why I caution you against getting all excited about the 5th house.

Meghan Markle brings a somewhat similar ideology of rattling the cages to the relationship, since Scorpio is on the cusp of her 5th house and of course, Uranus indicates that her expectations of love affairs is that they are unpredictable, or perhaps that love hits with the power of a thunderbolt. One thing’s for sure: this particular love will entirely upend her normal life.

(At this point I should tell you I know very little about either of these two, since I don’t read tabloid gossip, I’m saying this purely from an astrological perspective, so if this doesn’t sound right, let me know; just remember that when it comes to astrology, people carry around these barely conscious beliefs which don’t make themselves known until they are triggered by some transit or solar return or progression).

If they stay married for more than a few years, I’ll revisit their synastry and composite, because quite honestly, what I see right now between them doesn’t thrill me, but that doesn’t mean they won’t stay together. That’s why I don’t focus on relatively new relationships; there’s just no way to know what in these charts actually functions in their lives. We have to give them the test of time.

However, in my opinion, this marriage is desirable for Harry because it is so different, it sends a message (North Node at 0˚ in the composite 3rd house) and it rattles the cages of the aristocracy. In this case, I think what they’re saying is that it’s time to change the paradigm, but how that plays out in reality is currently unknown, since these two will have to find a way to keep changing the rules that surround them, otherwise I suspect the thing that brought them together, which is an underlying need to foment change and make a difference, will wither.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, but first his half-niece, Geli Raubal

If I could go back in my time machine and change one thing, it would be that Adolf Hitler would be accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, which rejected him both in 1907 and 1908.  To someone with Pisces on the cusp of his 5th with aspirations to a career in the fine arts, this must have been a devastating blow.

Pisces on a cusp of a house tells you where you not only have a sensitivity for the issues of the house, but also feel extraordinarily sensitive about the issues of the house. At the same time, it can be difficult to see Pisces’ influence if the individual is not obviously striving at some Piscean-related issue having to do with the house in question. Pisces on the cusp of a house makes the issues of the house more amorphous and harder to see cause and effect.

Pisces connected with the 5th could have any number of practical applications, such as art in general, or photography, poetry, music. But many options are available, particularly when we look at the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, for more information. In Hitler’s chart, 0˚ Gemini Neptune is in the 8th, conjunct 4˚ Gemini Pluto.

This tells me that any aspiration he has (including that of becoming a professional artist) is not an idle whim. Any planet in conjunction with Pluto is augmented by the darker energy of Plutonian will. Neptune with Pluto is, of course, a generational aspect; you would expect the individual to channel collective will, or be the repository of collective will with this combination.

These planets are also expressed on a personal level. Pluto casts a dark shadow on any spiritual issues belonging to Neptune. The soul is in jeopardy here, because Neptune attunes you to hearing the music of the spheres, while Pluto lies in wait for its victims in the 8th, silently sharpening the edge on his tools of revenge.

I never count on a person being able to consciously regulate the potentially destructive energies of Neptune, Pluto, or the 8th house. It is much more likely that the person has certain impulses or feelings and expresses them without ever understanding why these impulses exist in the first place.

Neptune with Pluto represents a powerful desire to connect (or reconnect, if one is into reincarnation) with the cosmos, with collective will, with the numinous, divine, or mysterious energies such as the etheric plane. Yet one lives in the ‘real’ world, and Pluto’s power can be channelled in different ways.

In the 8th, and in conjunction with Neptune, both in Gemini, it is entirely possible that the psychological assessment made of Hitler by U.S. intelligence forces during WWII, which claimed that there was evidence that Hitler had “sick” or deviant psychosexual tendencies, was absolutely correct.

A problem with planets in the 8th is how deviant they can be; the problem with Neptune and Pluto in the 8th is that the individual is capable of all kinds of abuses of power, particularly misuses of the other person’s spiritual weaknesses.

The native is not necessarily emotionally sensitive or aware of the potential dangers of their own desires, mostly due to the aspects made by the planets in the house. Hitler’s Inconjunction from Pluto/Neptune in Gemini in the 8th to Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn in the 3rd, as well as a Biquintile from Neptune to the Moon/Jupiter conjunction make the native unstable and potentially cruel (certainly controlling, due to the Pluto contacts) in intimate relationships.

Inconjunctions require adaptation on the part of the native; the two energies don’t relate well to each other. Ideally, a form of integration occurs over the course of the lifetime, but not everyone is going to morph into Mother Teresa, because not everyone is interested in taking the high road.

Taurus on the 8th house cusp draws the native toward base and purely physical expressions of sexuality, more due to Taurus’ love of the material than the nature of the 8th. Connection with the partner is not primarily about intimacy with Taurus on the cusp (although personal planets in the 8th would crave intimacy), but about physical sensation based on unusual desires with Neptune and Pluto there.

Neptune in the 8th makes for an elusive and non-material energy that doesn’t coexist well with an earth sign on the cusp, but instead takes the almost unconscious energy of the 8th and transforms it through contact with arguably the most nebulous and hard to reach planet of all, Neptune.

These kinds of incompatible combinations of signs and planets create cognitive dissonance for people who have to find ways to live with the disparate messages they receive. Pluto in the 8th with Taurus on the cusp makes sense in a way that Neptune in the 8th just doesn’t. With Neptune, the outcome

There would be no particular conscience about expressions of sexuality with mutable Gemini in the 8th. In fact, the mentally, psychically, and psychologically weak would be this person’s preferred targets, since they’re easier to persuade.

Neptune in the 8th in Gemini can make for a mystic with shamanic abilities, but it seems clear that Hitler channeled his Gemini Neptune/Pluto urge toward mysticism (an 8th house speciality, particularly with Neptune there) through the Biquintile aspect to 3rd house Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn, inspiring the multitudes with rhetorical crescendoes of promises of creating a racially “pure” ‘Fatherland.’

Now, the Biquintiles in Hitler’s chart have long fascinated me. Biquintiles are esoterically associated with talent, and in the discussion above about the creative nature of the 5th house, the concept of ‘talent’ is something that needs to be assessed when you see Quintiles and Biquintiles in relationship to the 5th/11th house axis.

However, when we’re talking about talent, we’re usually talking about something positive; Neptune/Moon/Jupiter ‘should’ lead to a talent involving almost sixth-sense (Neptune/Moon) attunement, psychic talent, artistic awareness, poetic sensibilities, etc.

Early in Hitler’s life, at the end of WWI, his superiors recognized his talent for public speaking, and put him to work creating propaganda. His Moon/Jupiter in the 3rd forms a Biquintile to Saturn in the 10th as well as to Neptune/Pluto in the 8th, so it’s clear that his ability to speak believably to crowds and persuade them was noticed early in his career, and he continued to rely on that talent throughout the rest of his career.

But any talent can be turned toward evil if the person has prejudices, fears, neuroses, and other fears that mirror the emotions of the society he’s speaking to.

Where does Hitler’s evil come from? The first thing to look at is Hitler’s angular (7th house) Sun, posited at 0˚ Taurus. Sun is conjunct fixed star Mirach, in the constellation Andromeda (which is mostly positive, actually, but conjunct Sun, brings disappointment in expectations and trouble with the opposite sex).

Manilius, writing in the first century A.D., has this to say about someone born during the rising of this constellation:

The astrological influences of the constellation Andromeda given by Manilius:

“The man whose birth coincides with the rising of Andromeda from the sea will prove merciless, a dispenser of punishment, a warder of dungeon dire; he will stand arrogantly by while the mothers of wretched prisoners lie prostrate on his threshold, and the fathers wait all night to catch the last kisses of their sons and receive into their inmost being the dying breath. From the same constellation comes the figure of the executioner, ready to take money for a speedy death and the rites of a funeral pyre, for him execution means profit, and oft will he bare his axe; in short, he is a man who could have looked unmoved on Andromeda herself fettered to the rock. Governor of the imprisoned he occasionally becomes a fellow convict, chained to criminals so as to save them for execution.” [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century A.D., Book 5, p.351.]

Then, angular Saturn at 13˚ Leo in the 10th house is conjunct Dubhe, a fixed star that gives a warlike, Mars-ruled character. Saturn is further in square to his Mars/Venus conjunction in Taurus in the 7th. Venus is also retrograde, and from  what I’ve seen, retrograde natal Venus leads to unhappiness, almost from birth. 

The Ascendent is also Biquintile the Neptune/Pluto conjunction, so the secrets held by the 8th house are part of the makeup of the external persona. The person appears much much interesting than he is, because his Libra-rising charm is augmented by dark truths others sense without necessarily knowing the details. He attracts people who sense a mystery, amidst a range of other 8th house issues that many find attractive in a Voldemort way.

Pluto in the 8th on its own attracts others who like (more often, secretly like) being controlled, while the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn in aspect to the 8th house planets augment the authoritarian nature of the urge toward control. In a bizarre way, I think Hitler was a “daddy” figure for the two women he was known to have had relationships with, so let’s look at them now.


First there was Geli Raubal, born June 4, 1908. She was Hitler’s half-niece, 19 years his junior, who lived alone with him in his Munich apartment for some time before shooting herself at the age of 23. According to Hitler, Raubal was the only woman he ever loved. Interestingly, Hitler’s father had a similar relationship with his own half-niece, who was Adolf Hitler’s mother.

I have given Raubal a birth time which coincides with certain points in Hitler’s chart, mostly because their lives were so intertwined and she killed herself in his apartment with his gun, which indicates a fair amount of karma. Because they were born 19 years apart, their nodal axis is similar, which means that Hitler’s Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn is conjunct Raubal’s South node in Capricorn.

This particular birth time would put this most karmic of connections in Raubal’s 5th house (but that doesn’t mean the birth time is correct, just that this particular birth time gives the two charts many connections via synastry).

Whether the birth time is correct or not, Raubal’s Cancer North Node, Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Venus all fall between Hitler’s Chiron and North Node in his 9th house.

His Taurus Venus/Mars conjunction trines her Capricorn Uranus exactly at 16˚, leading to an unusual expression of love; this attraction is not about having a ‘normal’ love affair.  His Saturn at 13˚ Leo conjuncts her Leo Moon/Jupiter conjunction (and in this chart sits on her Ascendent).

He was apparently very controlling of her movements after he found out she was romantically involved with his chauffeur, but it’s also possible that Hitler asked her for what most people consider deviant sex and that she committed suicide when others found out about this.

Her natal Mars was in exact opposition to his Jupiter.  In synastry, the Jupiter person foments a kind of emotional violence within the other, encouraging or creating Mars’ anger, but in Geli’s case, her natal Aries Saturn formed a T-square between her Mars and his Moon/Jupiter, leading to a constant source of irritation about what was and wasn’t possible emotionally.

Her Saturn square his Moon did not bode well for him ever being satisfied emotionally by her, and Jupiter would just magnify that feeling and make it worse, so why he thought he was in love with her probably has something to do with emotional lack, which Moon in Capricorn in opposition to Chiron in Cancer understands.

The Cancer/Capricorn opposition in synastry is about offering and receiving the kind of comfort that one finds in intimate family situations.

The desire for an emotionally dependent ‘love’ doesn’t surprise me, though her (usually very independent) Sun/Pluto conjunction falling in his 8th would have been very attractive to him at a visceral level, even while it inspired his jealousy, possessiveness, and need for control.  But of course that exact trine from Uranus to his Venus/Mars was probably the real impetus for his enthusiasm, since if someone’s Uranus smacking up against your Venus or Mars doesn’t excite you, you’re probably already dead.

Her Moon/Jupiter conjunction on his Saturn was probably a form of torture for him, and maybe for her as well; synastry can be entirely obvious in pointing to who is experiencing the effects of which planet, or it can be subtle, but when your Moon falls on someone else’s Saturn, it’s usually the Moon person who feels squashed and judged, but not always.

Sometimes the Saturn person feels so extraordinarily vulnerable with the Moon person, who doesn’t hold back her feelings, he has to fight back; the only way he knows how to survive his own feelings of vulnerability mirrored in the other person is to weaken the Moon person. It’s not a little sadistic when it happens, but then, Saturn contacts in synastry can be quite cruel at times. Relationships with people whose Saturn is on one of your personal planets require altruism from the Saturn person to succeed, and that’s often the last thing an undeveloped Saturn expresses when it’s feeling vulnerable.

Her Venus/Neptune conjunction falls quite close to his North Node in Cancer, pushing both of them towards the fantasy of a ‘perfect’ love. However,  this conjunction in opposition to Uranus would make that pretty much impossible, since Geli’s love nature would have been volatile and possibly confused at best. Uranus falling on your South Node through synastry is possibly the least comfortable combination that exists, since the person’s erratic, uncontrollable behaviors will challenge every deeply-held belief you have.

Nodal axis conjunctions like this feel incredibly powerful to the two people involved, and it is poignant for the girl’s sake that she brought Hitler the hope of a kind of worship he dreamed of, one she could never fulfill since it was not her worship he needed, it was ability to show him how to love (Venus) but also show him by example how to give (Cancer).

The problem with the Cancer/Capricorn nodal axis is that where one comes from, the nature of the family in question, its particular biases and prejudices (even though we all have them) have a firm grip on the native’s development. Where you come from is who you are for these people.

Then, they are often over-identified with the father, yet cling to the mother.  Capricorn on the South Node is one of the hardest south nodes to deal with, because it’s ruled by Saturn, and is therefore strict and cold, where Cancer, the goal one is striving towards becoming in this lifetime, is (ideally) nurturing and giving.

Hitler’s North Node in the 9th meant that he probably believed (a key word of the 9th house) that his ideology, based on hatred and prejudice, was best for him and his fellow countrymen. Although some would say that he worked people into a frenzy, in fact, it’s pretty clear he gave voice to the hatred and prejudice alive in the German populace after WWI.

So, he did not fulfill or attain his Cancer North Node path of learning how to care for others in his lifetime, and was stuck in his South Node expression of Saturn-ruled Capricorn ideas about tradition and reverting Germany, and indeed all of Europe and the world, if he’d had his way, to a perfect Teutonic ideal.

9th house North Nodes do tend to get carried away with idealistic visions of a ‘perfect’ future, but I refuse to believe that Cancer North Node’s perfect future lies in creating a land of milk and honey only for white people.

Hitler’s relationship with Geli mirrored the relationship his own father had with his much younger niece, Adolf’s mother. His South Node conjunction with Moon/Jupiter, though not tight, indicates that this relationship in some way reminded him of his mother and memories from his childhood, but Geli’s Uranus would have fallen 8-10 degrees away from his Moon/Jupiter/South Node, and I think she had to have challenged any feelings of comfort he thought were possible.

For her, of course, her North Node was conjunct his Chiron, and I do think that he obviously caused her pain, the kind that caused her to end her life (keep in mind that both of these people had highly destabilizing Uranus oppositions and were not representative of stable people with these nodal contacts).

The Saturn square to his Moon/Jupiter tells me he wanted one thing and she wanted another. Saturn squaring both her planets and his says that neither of them were getting what they wanted, and it led to a buildup of frustration, anger, and ultimately, violence when she shot herself at the age of 23. Her Part of Suicide conjuncts that Saturn within 2 degrees (if I use the chart time I’ve given her; I did not provide a composite because her time of birth is not known).

Enter Eva Braun

Hitler met Eva Braun while she worked as a photographer, developer, and office assistant at the shop of his personal photographer, who set up the meeting, thinking to distract Hitler from his obsession with Geli. Eva was 17 and Hitler was 40; they talked about theatre and music (5th house themes).

From the beginning, their relationship was kept a deep, dark secret from the public, because Hitler didn’t want other women to think he was attached. Apparently, Eva was immediately charmed by him, and accepted his request to join him for an evening at the theatre, but as the relationship grew, and she became more dependent on him emotionally, relationships he had with other women infuriated her, inflaming her jealousy, and causing one of the attempts at suicide.

Now, 5th house composite relationships are not meant to be conducted in secret, they’re meant to be seen in the broad light of day.  Aside from his ego need to be seen as attractive to women and maintain his rock star status vis-a-vis his groupies, I attribute Hitler’s preference for secrecy to Neptune ruling his 5th, and falling in his 8th—love affairs (5th house) would be kept a secret and lied about when necessary (Neptune, 8th house).

On the other hand, Braun’s Cancer Neptune, ruling her otherwise empty 5th house, falls in the idealistic and ideological 9th house, in opposition to her Mercury/Uranus conjunction in the 3rd, the same house as her Sun (but not conjunct). She would have been much less willing to be quiet about their affair.

Planets in the 9th are typically very concerned with truth and justice, and are highly ideological. Neptune in the 9th has unrealistic or high ideals that are hard to live up to and are usually based on unsupportable beliefs, particularly in opposition to Mercury.

Like Geli, Eva would have been easy to lie to, since she, even more than Geli, desperately wanted to believe her fantasy of true love with Hitler, who was an important man, if not desirable by any rational standards today. And then on the other hand, Eva lived out a fantasy life that many German girls longed for, so there’s something to be said for the workings of Fate in the chart.

Neptune/Mercury oppositions show up when the person’s mind is pretty much open to anything. On one level, the person is often non-judgemental and accepting, but others will see him or her as gullible and open to suggestion. Falling across the 9th/3rd house axis, Braun was an easy target for Hitler’s charm, which at least one source I’ve read said was appealing only to Germans of his time, for his was a ‘charm’ that did not translate to other cultures, and absolutely escapes me.

Hitler’s Mercury and Sun fell very close to Braun’s North Node in Aries in the 6th house, putting his opposing Uranus on her South Node. In this we see an inverse of his relationship with Geli, whose Uranus fell within 8-10 degrees of Hitler’s South Node.

In Braun’s chart, like Hitler’s, Pisces is on the cusp of the 5th (their rising signs are close together but not the same; his in late Libra, hers early Scorpio). When the two people’s charts share similar house cusps, you’re automatically seeing two things: one, the timing of transits hits them similarly, which has its positives and negatives; and two, there’s probably a sympathy between them that transcends traditional indicators you look to for shared feelings, like Moon in aspect to Venus or Mars in aspect to Venus.

The purpose of the composite 5th house

The 5th house Sun in composite puts a focus on ways in which the two people express their own creativity, and ways in which they learn how to function as two people working individually and together toward a personal aspiration based on creativity and acts of creation. The problem we have with this idea is that our concept of what constitutes creativity are very narrow; if the two aren’t famous painters, writers, or musicians, we tend to ignore what they actually do create.

Eva Braun would have escaped history entirely if she had not worked for Hitler’s photographer. She was leading a relatively ordinary life, but had one talent, which was photography. While Hitler pushed Braun to the background, for years refusing to admit their relationship publicly, she quietly took pictures and filmed their life together. Even today, archivists stumble across her photographs, or pictures of her holding a camera or filming others in the Third Reich.

Braun expressed her Neptune-ruled 5th house creativity through photography and videography, about which she was said to have a ‘gift’.  Like Hitler, she did indeed have a Biquintile, indicating talent, from Venus to Mars, both planets having to do with an appreciation of all that is aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, Hitler had an exact Venus/Mars conjunction in Taurus, and his prolific attempts at art sold well, once he became Führer, that is.

She inadvertently supplied much of what we know about the private Hitler, and the private face of the Third Reich, albeit from behind the scenes. The interesting thing is that she acted in a very 5th house/Pisces role as informal photographer of the more relaxed Hitler, not the dominant ‘Führer’ his professional photographer, Eva’s boss, created for propaganda purposes. She did not contribute to creating the image the world saw; instead, she documented Hitler smiling, Hitler ‘at play,’ so to speak.

The question to ask about the composite 5th house is, what do the two people work together to create? Usually, just being together in pleasant, mostly trivial acts of enjoyment, is all the 5th house really promises most people leading mundane lives. The goal of the 5th house composite Sun relationship is to have a good time together, to laugh, to relax. In spite of the servant’s gossip, it’s clear from the historical evidence that Hitler did relax around Eva. That does not mean they had a big ‘romance’, but having a laugh together is key to fomenting any intimate relationship.

The thing is, you can’t laugh together unless you’re kicking back, so something in their otherwise stressful synastry has to have contributed to these moments.

The only contact these two have that isn’t also debatable, if not downright awful (unless you’re keeping a relationship going through sheer lies and denial, which many of their contacts speak to) is that Eva’s Venus conjuncts his Moon/Jupiter in Capricorn, falling in her 2nd house and his 3rd.

That is some of the best synastry you can hope for in a love relationship, it has to be said. Venus exactly conjunct his Jupiter looks very good on paper, because Jupiter typically likes to give to Venus. However, this is much less true with planets in Capricorn.

Hitler’s generosity was more in evidence after her two suicide attempts, because apparently that’s what it took to motivate him to express his caring nature (remember, his nodal axis is also in Capricorn/Cancer). Now, this would be funny if it weren’t so tragic, because it’s such a cliché for Capricorn planets to withhold affection, even if they themselves were loved unconditionally as children.

However, in Hitler’s case, the South Node, ruled as it is by Saturn, and then angular Saturn in square to natal retrograde Venus (ruler of the chart) would have weakened any ability he had to give; he would always have protected himself first, and would not have been automatically generous, in spite of that Moon/Jupiter conjunction.

The composite is in almost every other way a Saturn-ruled chart. Otherwise, the best I can say is that Eva’s Saturn conjunct his Venus/Mars conjunction and widely conjunct his Sun means the keynote to this synastry is tolerance.

Eva’s Mars also conjuncts his Neptune, and I have to think she encouraged him to feel good about his masculinity, or ignored all the ways in which he was not obviously masculine. He was hardly the Teutonic physical ideal he himself promoted, and so he would have needed someone to constantly prop up that fantasy, and how better to do it than through a Neptune contact?

Even though she is renowned as having been some version of the ‘dumb blonde’ Hitler is known to have liked, she would have grown into a role, over time if she had lived, of being someone who knew when to keep silent and when to speak up. Saturn on someone’s Mars is pretty dire, though; usually, there is no sex life to speak of, because one or the other shuts down.

Much depends on the overall direction of the chart, and the maturity of the native in general. Saturn is in her 7th, making it likely that her spouse would be older, but Saturn in the 7th does not necessarily mean that her spouse would be more emotionally mature.

Saturn on someone’s personal planets can also mean that you are their support mechanism. Eva was deeply loyal to Hitler, and declared years in advance that she would be there with him at the end, no matter what, and she was.

Her Sun fell in his 4th house, and she represented for him the uncomplicated, healthy blonde Teutonic physical type he himself probably longed to be, representing everything that was, to use the vernacular of the ’30s, ‘wholesome and good,’ like fresh milk. She would have been a living incarnation, a physical reminder, of what he believed his adopted homeland, Germany should be. In many ways, she would have been exactly unlike him, and that has its appeal when you’re a mass of neuroses, as Jung and Freud declared him to be.

Hitler’s Sun fell in her 6th, and herein lies a huge problem for most love relationships. No one’s Sun should fall in your 6th if you want a love relationship, and I shall tell you why. The 6th house person becomes the Sun person’s worker-slave, and is treated by the Sun person as though she should take care of him. She is absolutely subordinated to him (Eva was eventually allowed to live near Hitler, but was forced to enter through the servant’s quarters.) The Sun person becomes a burden or a duty; you are made to feel less than he is. All of this is in pursuit of developing your soul, I will grant you, but if you’re more concerned with the here and now, 6th house synastry relationships suck big time.

Unlike many 5th house relationships, therefore, her ego was sublimated to his, no doubt against her conscious will. According to everything I’ve read, Eva had no wish to be pushed aside, although the synastry between the two doesn’t speak to that once-in-a-lifetime love affair people want (nor was it for Eva, who complained endlessly, if not to her diary, to her sister, in whom she confided her angst).

It’s clear that his status as leader of the Third Reich appealed to her ego needs (that desire young women have had throughout history to be aligned with a powerful man), but that she paid a price for her desire, demanding Hitler’s attention at inopportune moments, attempting suicide twice, and becoming a general nuisance even the servants commented on.  With her natal Venus/Saturn trine, she could tolerate quite a bit of misuse and even abuse, but everyone has their limits.

Looking at the condition of Eva’s Sun to see how her ego issues contributed to or detracted from their 5th house relationship, it’s unsurprising that her Sun makes few aspects, although her Sun is angular, posited in conjunction with her IC, in Aquarius. It isn’t as though she wanted to be ignored.

The overall strength of Sun at the IC is complex, because although it’s angular, it falls at the nadir of the chart, which weakens it. Eva would never have dominated in this relationship, though; Hitler’s role as VIP can be summed up by the fact that his Saturn fell within 2˚ of her MC. That it fell in her 9th house indicates the extent to which she would have put him on a pedestal, taking his role as moral leader seriously, and putting her own needs behind his own (most of the time).

The Composite

Turning to the composite chart, you really see the stress this relationship endured, as well as the dominance of Saturn, which is unsurprising, given the strength of the Saturn contacts through synastry.

There’s a rather hideous T-square from the 5th house Sun (which ought to be having fun, but is not in this chart) to the opposition from Saturn conjunct Neptune in the 8th to Jupiter in the 2nd. It just doesn’t get much worse than this. The traditional ruler of the chart, Mars, is strong in its angular position in the 7th, and yet is undermined by its opposition to the Moon in the 1st.

That these two committed suicide together is right there, in that opposition, for that is, on its own, an emotionally violent or abusive contact (at the very least, in a happier chart, it speaks of daily acts of irritation). How two people could overcome that one opposition would be the work of couple’s therapy for years, in another, less difficult situation.

Moon/Mars oppositions in synastry or a composite indicate that the two are emotionally incompatible, but not the kind you can ignore, like she goes out with the girls and he tinkers in his garage and no one mentions the source of the problem.

This is the kind of incompatibility where someone gets shot: Moon in Scorpio in the 1st opposite Mars in Taurus in the 7th are two signs determined to get their own way, while resentments build (Scorpio) and Taurus Mars deepens the rut until it cannot be ignored any longer. At some point, Moon stops forgiving and Mars stops pretending, and everything blows up when reality can no longer be avoided.

To get back to the T-square, let me explain why it’s so very ugly.

The 8th house in composites usually speak to two people who really have no clue why they’re together, which I will address when I get to that composite Sun; but other planets, not just the Sun, in the composite 8th house are usually buried, since the two are trying to live their lives, not deeply psychoanalyze each other.

All the pieces of Saturn conjunct Neptune in the 8th is inherently bad, because Saturn and Neptune energies are buried in the 8th, in the least conscious part of the relationship, places we don’t talk about, rooms we keep firmly shut. So there’s a lot of denial about what’s really going on, unless this chart is in the hands of people with deep sensitivity, and that is not what we’re looking at.

Saturn and Neptune in conjunction speak to ways in which we construct our reality around our dreams, wishes, fantasies, and delusions; with the conjunction, we might not be able to tell which is which, or we might have each very firmly divided up into their little mental boxes until a transit comes along and flips a switch, leading to disillusion or clarity. But in the 8th, the couple ignores, overlooks, or denies the potentially damaging (as in, dark energy, negativity, lying, or perverse) effect they have on one another and on others.

All of this is augmented by the opposition to Jupiter, which means that, given Jupiter’s egoism, the two feel like they’re larger than life and are really getting away with something (usually lying when it comes to Jupiter in opposition to Neptune, although in a natal chart, this set of conditions could indicate the native wouldn’t know the difference between a lie and a truth; in the 2/8 axis, furthermore, the lying could be about money or mundane issues).

The Jupiter opposition to Neptune/Saturn furthermore all square the Sun in the 5th. If you wanted to have a simple love affair, leading to marriage and children, this would not be the chart I’d want to see. There’s so much overblown ego here, the kind of ego (from Jupiter and Sun, in particular) that means these two people stand in their own light, they’re in their own way, and the last thing that they’re going to be able to do is live simply in the sunlight of the 5th house, surrounded by children and flowers.

They’re too caught up in the overall drama (the negative expression of a 5th house Sun) and suppression of emotion in the 8th, as well as the fact that their days are spent dealing with that Moon/Mars opposition. Lying to themselves about who they are, they present a united front (Scorpio rising is not about to admit to weakness, and instead is invested in portraying themselves as a power couple, which of course Hitler and Eva were at the time).

Secondary ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, makes some of this situation even worse, because it too lies in opposition to Jupiter. Pluto in opposition to Jupiter feeds the sense of power the two feel together. Pluto in the 8th on its own desires power over others’ secrets, but square the Sun as it is and you have a situation of megalomania. Sun/Pluto squares in a composite are, to put it mildly, also not good. If they are not expressed externally, as in, ‘we are dictators and our word is law’, they represent power struggles between the two.

But in the midst of all of this is the strength of the Moon trine to Mercury, Venus, and the Sun; from the 1st to the 5th, both Fire houses due to their association with Fire signs Aries and Leo, the strength of these connections, implying affection and understanding, are what kept this relationship together in spite of everything tearing them apart (including their own emotional issues, which could go ignored because they didn’t live together for very long or very often; they spent a fair amount of time apart, and even when they were together, didn’t actually sit with each other peacefully for any length of time).

The Progressed Composite

One of the things you can say about the 5th house composite Sun is that it can function effectively in highly dramatic situations, where other couples would fall apart. Hitler and Braun did not have a normal relationship, to put it mildly. They did not do what most 5th house people would do; they didn’t get much time together, surrounded by family, having a simple, good time.

In that Braun and Hitler never had children, never created a family, and barely had a romance, how does this 5th house Sun function? What did they create together? I’ve come to the conclusion that with Pisces on the 5th house cusp of the composite, and Neptune in the 8th, conjunct Saturn, they created a dark fantasy for themselves to live in until it was no longer tenable and were forced by reality (Neptune up against Saturn) to abandon hope. The 8th house will do that to you.

But what happens when we progress the composite to the day they died? Now the chart tells a somewhat different story; this time, because of transits, we’re looking at triggers to the pressure these two were feeling. The chart shows their reality; their entire way of being is under severe stress, with all those oppositions from the 1st to the 7th, and Sun conjunct Chiron.

Bolshevik troops had entered Berlin, they were at the Brandenburg Gate, and Hitler had no intention of being captured. Saturn, Neptune, Mars, and Pluto had all lined up in the 7th—their enemies were closing in (the 7th being the house of ‘open enemies’). Mars and Pluto are now conjunct Neptune, while Saturn bookends this new conjunction—the walls of the delusion are crumbling around them, fast. Neptune’s delusions cannot withstand the light of scrutiny.

Interestingly, this progressed composite puts its Moon on Hitler’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn, so for him, this moment in time speaks to the furtherance of his goals, since that Moon/Jupiter was so tied up in aspects to the Pluto/Neptune conjunction in the 8th.

Sun/Chiron in the progressed chart is conjunct Hitler’s Sun; Neptune falls exactly on Hitler’s 9th house cusp, and Saturn is conjunct his natal Chiron. Usually, I see composites with one or two points of contact to the natal; in this case, it’s so many points, it’s almost overwhelming. It’s like taking a thumbprint and having it match up almost exactly.

Eva’s natal also shows up in the progressed composite. Her natal Neptune is exactly conjunct progressed Pluto, indicating the absolute end of her illusions. Her natal Saturn falls exactly on progressed Sun/Chiron/Mercury, which is another ending, this time of the relationship itself, and all the painful thoughts, actions, and conversations swirling around her at this point.

Finally, each of their natal charts have planets in conjunction with the North Node of the progressed chart; Eva’s Mars is exactly conjunct the North Node, while Hitler’s Neptune/Pluto conjunction falls on either side of the 2˚ Node. I see the North Node of any chart as a sign of the ultimate outcome of the chart, its purpose.

In this case, Gemini North Node falling in the 6th is most likely a kind of duty. It unfortunately speaks to the banality of their mutual suicide pact and how they simply did away with themselves rather than face the consequences as prisoners of war.

They died of cyanide poisoning, although Hitler apparently took the cyanide capsule and then shot himself. Eva Braun’s Part of Suicide was conjunct her natal Moon in Virgo. Her Moon fell exactly on the Midheaven of the progressed composite, her Part of Suicide on the 9th house side, forming a T-square to the Jupiter/Neptune opposition in the progressed composite.

T-squares indicate situations of unbearable tension; in the natal chart, they can force you to make some very abrupt and even stupid decisions, because a T-square can be too upsetting to live with. You either change or die. It’s an extreme energy, very difficult to ignore.

Hitler’s Part of Suicide fell exactly on his natal retrograde Libra Uranus in the 12th. This combination fell in the progressed 10th house, also forming a T-square, this time to the Mars/Neptune opposition to Jupiter.

To me, these points of contact from the natal charts to the progressed composite indicate a fatedness, an inevitability about their union and its ultimate ending in death. They were married two days before they died together in Hitler’s bunker. I think you can see, from how stressful the contacts were from the 1st to the 7th, the marriage house, that this relationship was not ‘about’ marriage, but about finishing something that had been started, a promise made by Hitler to Eva Braun, a reward for her faithfulness in seeing it through to the end.












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  1. Holy shit my Sun is at 2 degrees Taurus and my nodal axis is also in the Cap/Cancer axis (albeit my nn is in Cap while Hitlers is in Cancer). I also have a Cap moon! Yikes quite scary. I’m kind and caring though, absolutely NOTHING like him.

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