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Sending Off Your Soul Your Way: Ga Fantasy Coffins from Ghana

I can’t quite scrape together the millions I’m going to need to be buried inside a sarcophagus made of this much gold

Throughout human history, various cultures have immortalised human remains through burial practices, some more spectacular than others.

I’m thinking of the funerary arrangements for King Tutankhamun of 18th dynasty Egypt, as well as China’s first emperor, Qin Shi Huang (died 209 B.C.), buried with an entire terracotta army (I have seen these, by the way, and they are well worth a trip from anywhere out to uniquely beautiful Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China).

I don’t have an army now, so I probably won’t need one in the afterlife either

If you’re planning your future, and you want to include a burial, you might be interested to know that there is an extraordinary, yet entirely affordable option for those who long for immortality and glory in the afterlife, but can’t necessarily afford (or need) the mounds and mounds of possessions and attendants immolating themselves on a pyre in your name.

Instead of having your innards placed in canopic jars prior to your ka being weighed against a feather, consider burial in a fantasy coffin of your choice from the fantasy coffin makers in Ghana, Africa!

To be absolutely precise, the fantasy coffin makers prefer to construct your coffin based on your life’s work, so if you were a pilot, for example, they will build you a painted wooden plane large enough for your corpus to inhabit throughout eternity (or until they move the graveyard to encompass even more suburbia).

I think it ought to be possible to convince the coffin makers of Ghana to make a coffin for each star sign. They already make fishes, crabs, lions and bulls. They ought to be willing to to expand their fantasy vision for astrologers, surely?

A fish coffin for Pisces?
Leo the Lion?
A phone for Gemini?
It is believed the coffin tradition originated in Teshi, a fishing community on the outskirts of Ghana’s capital, Accra, where a fisherman would be buried in a fish coffin, inspired by the hulls of boats.