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Mundane Chart for Paris Attacks

There are times when drawing up a mundane chart, a chart that shows the specific time of a political (or world) event, can be very helpful for astrologers, particularly when one is making an effort to try to understand the underlying forces or causes of an event. Mundane charts have been erected for thousands of years, and are one of the oldest expressions of astrological inquiry.

There are many pieces of relevant information in the mundane chart relating to the IS terrorist attacks in Paris last night. The night of November 13, 2015 occurred one day after the culmination of a New Moon in Scorpio. New Moons are associated, very broadly, with new beginnings and ‘setting intentions’ prior to taking on new endeavors.

When searching online for information about New Moons, although you see a lot of positive rhetoric, keep in mind that when it comes to real life, people who are going to kill you are “setting intentions” too.

The point of a New Moon has to do with clearing out the old to make way for the new, which, ironically, fits the mindset of the people who blew themselves up, shortly after killing their victims.

The mundane chart I’ve drawn up shows an inception time of 9:20 p.m., (the Guardian has updated their information from 9:17 p.m. since they first posted the article) which corresponds with the first currently-known event that night, the first bomb blast that occurred outside the Stade de France.  If you have a better time, though, please let me know your source.


There are so many pieces of relevant information in this chart, it’s a little overwhelming.

One of the first things I noticed is that the North Node is conjunct Mars in Virgo, in 29˚ the Anaretic degree. I have said before that the Anaretic degree is particularly implicated in moments or feelings of crisis.

The purpose or direction of this chart (therefore, this moment in time) as seen in the North Node is to express aggression (North Node conjunct Mars is a pretty simple equation, if you ask me).

Further, the Arabic Part or Lot of Death is also conjunct this point, in Libra, 1˚46′. This grouping falls in the 4th house within 1-3 degrees of the Imum Coeli, what I see as the most sensitive point in the chart, since it represents the “dark underbelly” of hidden, deeply-felt psychological motivations.

The Arabic Part of Suicide (three of the assassins wore suicide vests, and apparently 7 out of 8 of the killers committed suicide) at 27˚22′ Gemini, falls in square to the Node/Mars/Part of Death (from the 12th house to the 4th house/IC).

Much of this group’s activities went under the radar and were never detected by intelligence communities who monitor terrorist groups. Not only that, but it seems that at least one of the members of the suicide group entered Europe during the October rush of immigrants through the gates, when it was very difficult for officials to check papers. 

Squares from the 12th to the 4th speak to the overall inability to integrate and accept unspoken, almost invisible 12th house issues (including the unconscious group mind or even the collective unconscious) into deeply-rooted 4th house beliefs, which are usually learned in childhood.

The messages of tradition play a role in the 4th house (and are either accepted or struggled against in the 10th house, where you’ll find Uranus in Aries, a planetary combination uninterested in following tradition, at the same time that it represents tradition—a true conundrum). This article lays out the ways in which tradition, predicated on centuries of inherited beliefs, dominates the thinking of terrorists affiliated with IS/ISIS.

The 4th house is implicated in personal bias (as is the location of the Moon in this chart), but when you try to broaden your mind through tuning into the impersonal group mind/’Zeitgeist’ of the 12th house, the square indicates a fair amount of strain. 

Venus in 4˚ Libra is also in conjunction to the North Node and Mars, but is the only Air sign in the chart, and in my opinion, is buried and ignored, overwhelmed by the strength of the Anaretic purpose of the chart, as well as the Yod (Jupiter-Mercury sextile, each inconjunct Uranus in Aries in the 10th); and the Moon, which rules the chart, and points to the emotional underpinnings for the purpose of this event. However, Venus ruling the 11th house cusp speaks to compassion and generosity shown complete strangers, since many French people offered their home to people seeking safety.

With Moon as the ruler of the chart, these events occurred because of the past, because of fear, and because of something that went wrong with their childhood and young adulthood. In fact, most of the people so far involved, and killed, were younger than 30. The Moon is conjunct Saturn, but of greatest implication, in my opinion, is that there is a stellium in the 5th house.

Virtually every news report in the past day has mentioned that young people were simply out, having fun, when they were gunned down. The terrorists picked locations that attract young people, and the locations, a sport stadium, a music concert, and local, low-priced cafés, exist specifically for fun, entertainment, and having a good time—all 5th house activities.

The 4th and 5th houses are strong in this chart, while the conjunction of Moon and Saturn and the square of Part of Suicide from the 12th to the 4th house tells you that the emotional goal here was to shut down these versions of “fun.”

The people involved in these acts of terror are saying (Sun in the 4th) that their 4th house ideations of home and homeland, tradition, and the ‘old ways’ motivate their actions. With Moon (and Cancer) the ruler of the chart, that underlying truth is augmented by the conjunction to Saturn, which tells you that ideas of the traditional (sentimentality but also severity and negativity) dominate the emotions. 

In other words, with Saturn-Moon conjunct, the emotional moment is dominated by a lot of ‘shoulds’, a lot of bias, and a complete lack of compassion (since Saturn/Moon conjunctions do not lend themselves to empathy). This is also a patriarchal, not maternal, moment, and that on its own ought to be really disturbing to those who believe in the tenets of peace. “Father” is telling the children having a good time that enough is enough, and he’s pulling the plug (or, detonating himself, with Uranus in Aries as the apex of the Yod).

The Yod is always an indication that something important must be done or accomplished, but it’s also a blinking warning light of “crazy” energy (if you doubt me, take a look at most of the people who have a Yod in their natal chart; most of them struggle to find their calm center).

The Jupiter/Mercury sextile is an otherwise positive aspect, most of the time, but, perversely, is also an aspect of success. Then you add that crazy Aries Uranus in the 10th which acts to contravene all 10th house traditions, behaving radically largely due to its strong desire to break down the doors of tradition and express its grandiose Aries/Fire sign self. In this, Jupiter colludes to destroy the structures of the old, but this particular Uranus is killing its own, children destroying other children, if you will.

Uranus is only 4 degrees away from its ongoing battle-square to Capricorn Pluto, and the constant tension going on between the way we “used to do things” and the “new normal” is not only exhausting, it is becoming incredibly dispiriting for the older generation (i.e., me) to see people who have not yet had their chance at life throw it away (from my perspective, the Pluto in Scorpio generation seems to have incarnated with the intention of killing themselves or sacrificing themselves, one way or another—the sense of a generational death wish is palpable).

In other words, a bunch of egotistical children, jacked up on their own self-importance and their message (Jupiter-Mercury) blew themselves up, and, with Uranus in the 10th indicating the force of the explosion, were successful in their goals of self-immolation.

Their plan succeeded: the North Node/Mars/Part of Death desire for a “glorified” ending meets with the world’s need to know, and Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus is, even now, beaming the message out into space. Lots and lots of coverage; I chose to write about it out of outrage, but even I am broadcasting their message.

So let’s have this symbol instead: 
Paris symbol
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