Tarot and Oracle Card Series

The Rider Tarot Deck

A major passion of mine is Tarot, and, more recently, Oracle cards.

My focus is on understanding, researching history, using cards, learning new spreads, and discussing anything related to Tarot. I’ve been writing about Tarot and Oracle decks for awhile now, so I have collected the various links and put them here in one place to make the writings easier to find. Please let me know if you too are a Tarot/Oracle card enthusiast. I always have at least one deck I’d like to focus on and discuss, and if you do as well, leave me a message.

If you’d like a reading, contact me.  I charge $25 for an email question, $100 for one hour on Skype (Skype allows me to share my screen with you so you can see the reading). Conversely, you can also use your own deck at your end of the conversation (shuffle, lay out the spread) and then we’ll discuss what it means to you.

Getting Started With Tarot and Oracle Cards

Celtic Tree Oracle Cards

The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot

The Voyager Tarot

Tarot Inspiration for Writers

The Fire of a New Beginning: Invention, Inspiration and the Ace of Wands

The Essence of The Ace of Cups: Inception of Creativity and Spirituality

The Ace of Swords: The Dual-Edged Blade of Clarity and Aggression

Ace of Pentacles: The Sacred Geometry of Chance

Tarot Twos: How to Attain Symmetry, Balance and Duality Without Losing Your Mind

Tarot Threes: Opening to Abundance and Creativity

Tarot Fours: Finding the Mystical in the Mundane

Tarot Fives: Upsetting the Apple Cart

The Aftermath of Calamity and the Tarot Sixes

… more are on their way!





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